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Alcohol is Often a Factor in College Sexual Assaults

In on of my previous post I mentioned that in an interview with a campus police that young adult female drinking way too much in college often leads to them to be victims of a sexual assault. Something seem to happen to many our nations brightest and best when they leave home for the first time. Many of them loose all inhibition when it comes to sex and drinking, and when danger sets it.

Below are two ACTUAL College Sexual Assault that happened this month.

Incident 1

On Monday morning, October 21, 2013, the Charleston City Police Department received a report of a sexual assault occurring in an apartment in the area. The victim reported she had been with a group of friends at an alcohol establishment consuming alcohol.  The group then left the establishment and went to the apartment where they continued to consume alcohol.  The victim stated she woke up to the suspect, one of the friends of the victim, sexually assaulting her. The local police is currently investigating this offense. The victim was NO a college student, but friends of one.

Incident 2

On Monday, October 21, 2013, the Department of Public Safety received a report of a sexual assault occurring On October 19, 2013, in an parking area in downtown Charleston, SC.  The victim reported she had been with friends at an off campus apartment consuming alcohol. The victim left the apartment with the suspect who is an acquaintance.  The victim and the suspect walked off campus to a parked vehicle and got into the vehicle which is where the alleged sexual assault occurred.  The victim did not know where the vehicle was parked at the time.  Both the victim and the suspect are both college students.

FACTS and Information

  • Between 20% and 25% of women will experience a completed and/or attempted rape during their college career
  • At least 50% of college student sexual assaults are associated with alcohol use
  • 43% of sexual victimization incidents involve alcohol consumption by victims
  • 69% of sexual victimization incidents involve alcohol consumption by the perpetrator
  • Victims were on a date with the perpetrator in 12.8% of completed rapes and 35% of attempted rapes
  • 90% of acquaintance rapes involve alcohol

You can find additional fact and statistics in several of our other poster.


  1. Go out in a group of friends – women who travel in a group are rarely attacked and you have a better chance of someone watching out for you.
  2. Be mindful of your surroundings. – There is a higher chance of avoiding sexual assault just by being aware of what and who is around you. Being cautious and alert can only be to your benefit.
  3. Know your sexual desires and limits. – Believe in your right to set those limits. Let them know that going past “NO” means police report.
  4. Communicate your limits as clearly as possible. – If someone starts to offend you, tell him early and firmly. Being polite is O.K. As long as you are firm and assertive. Say “no” when you mean “no” and be prepared to repeat it. Holding Pepper Spray can say a lot.
  5. Dress comfortably – Dress as you please. However, non-restrictive clothing could be an advantage. We don’t want to lead anyone to think that when a woman dresses provocatively she is giving permission to be sexually violated. Nobody asks to be sexually violated or Raped, but to be aware that if someone ignores your limits and assertiveness, you want to be able to run and fight back if needed.
  6. Avoid excessive us of alcohol – Alcohol and drugs interfere with clear thinking and effective communication. KNOW YOUR LIMITS

* If you are walking alone, try to have some protection with you. If you find yourself in danger, blow the whistle, have your pepper spray, spark your stun gun to alert the person that you are not going to be an easy target. Using items such as keys, pencils, pens, or books can also be used to defend yourself against an attacker. is dedicated to providing you with the best and most affordable self-defense products on the market to meet the security needs of you, your family members or your business, by assisting anyone who is unwilling to become a victim of crime.  If you want to take personal responsibility for self protection, home security, business security, purchase our high quality discount self-defense products and arm yourself with the knowledge about self-defense and security products and information of the best way to stay secure in an ever-increasing violent world. In today’s society, being equipped mentally and physically is no longer an option. is a division of Onyx Knight Enterprises. Victor Swindell owner.


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