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RAD-ClassAs part of National Campus Safety Awareness Month, I had the privilege of sitting in on the first part of a Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) class that was held at the College of Charleston. This is a FREE course which is offered at many colleges and universities across the country. I also had the chance to ask the program director a few questions about the RAD program and about crime on campus in general. According to FBI crime statistics available from the Department of Justice website as well as on websites like about 25% of college women will be sexually assaulted. Across the United States, in a typical academic year, 3% of college women report surviving rape or attempted rape. This does not include the summer when many more rapes occur. The true number of actual sexual assaults nationally can’t be determined because about 54% of sexual assault victims will not report the crime for various reasons. Capt. Grimes reported that on average that only 5 to 6 rapes are reported annually at the college. Given the large body of female students, we can probably guess that this number is much higher. Most colleges and universities publish their crime data on their websites. We also know that most rapes are by males against females. The instructors of the R.A.D. also pointed out the definition of rape and sexual assault can vary from state to state or even in different cities. Students should be aware of what these are because sadly about 97% of these perpetrators are rarely punished. All of these statistics can be verified by the US Justice Department and FBI crime data. This is one of the reasons why it is necessary that you learn to take the steps not to become a victim. The good news is that because of awareness, and action steps to make women aware and empowered through the easy availability of self-defense products like pepper spray and programs like RAD, sexual assaults have fallen by more than 60% in recent years.

Sadly we still have a long way to go to make this number even lower. One of the biggest walls to take down is the mentality of “It won’t happen to me”. If you ask any rape victim, they will tell you that they never thought it would happen to them. Capt. Grimes said that the enrollment of students per semester in RAD is only about a dozen students. Considering that a there are a few thousand women enrolled at the College you can see the problem. College students have left the comfort, security, and protection of living with their parents, and have entered a stage where they have to be more responsible with their lives, and having to navigate with more of the real world. Sadly many are not prepared for the reality of the world. However, for many college students they see college life as a chance to be free, and to experiment with rules and behaviors. For many, it is the chance to freely become acquainted with alcohol. According to Lt. Grimes, Alcohol is the leading factor in sexual assaults. This can be from the drunken stranger who approaches a young lady or a young lady who has had too much to drink or a date where very little resistance can be put up by a horny partner. The RAD instructors also confirmed another fact that many (about 60%) sexual assaults are committed by someone the victim knows.


The RAD program offers lifelong skills that help females to develop and enhance the options of self-defense so that they may be viable considerations to women who may be attacked. The program doesn’t just teach self-defense tactics, but it also makes women more aware of how, when and where they could be victims of a sexual or criminal attack, and the options that have to increase their survival of these possible life-altering events. The four areas that RAD covers are as follows:

Risk Awareness – Teaches women to be aware of the possibly dangerous situation, and how to avoid them. This not only includes where you go, but who you are with. Risk Awareness also means knowing the facts about the acts, and participants of rape and sexual assaults. For example “True of False – Only young attractive women are raped?”

Risk Reduction – Teaches women different strategies to help reduce their chances of being sexual assault victims. This includes some common-sense things you can do like keeping your door lock at all times, or not putting a spare key under the doormat, or just paying attention when you are out and about.

Risk Recognition– Jesus taught as recorded in Matthew 24:23 that if the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and not let his house be broken into. That being said, you can’t tell by the way a person looks if they are good or bad. You do however have a built-in danger detector. You must learn to listen to it, and use it. RAD Students learn to develop a color-coded Awareness system they allow them to deflect possible dangers. These are yellow, orange and red. It reminds me of the Star Trek Alert system. Sadly many people aren’t prepared for Red Alerts.

Risk Avoidance – RAD Students learn how to increase their overall reaction time to possible threats, as well as learn how to avoid the possible precarious situation like being alone in parks, parking lots, and how to avoid vulnerable circumstances i.e. drugs, alcohol, unfamiliar groups etc.

The RAD Program is a 4 session program that empowers and equips women to be competent and to become survivors of an attack. In the first session, students get classroom knowledge of what they need to be aware of. The remains three sessions teach the young ladies efficient self-defense moves that are viable in many aggressive situations. The dynamic simulator is completely hands on so that young ladies get repeated practice using the techniques they are taught. The students are cautioned not to show their male friends what they have learned, as many rapes happen by male acquaintances. If you show them your moves, then they are more prepared to counteract what you know.

What I also found interesting is that the RAD program isn’t just for college women. The R.A.D. Systems of Self Defense offers programs for women, children, men, and seniors. These offerings provide a truly holistic approach to self-defense education, supporting the necessity of continuous learning in order to provide realistic options for the population as they go through life. Each of these programs includes educational components consisted of a lecture, discussion, physical restive strategies. All of which are facilitated by certified R.A.D. Instructors supported by a network of dedicated professionals who honor one another’s student through their unique Lifetime Return and Practice Policy.

Decide Today…Not to be a crime victim

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