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In My Area Article

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In My Area Article

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  1. [7A] On the one hand, most Americans reject anti-gun disdain for self-defense and the basic anti-gun creed of the inherent depravity of guns. On the other hand, most Americans also reject the puerile pro-gun shibboleth that the existence of laws against murder and other violent crime makes it superfluous to reinforce them with sensible, profilactic controls on weapons that can be used to commit such crime. This article may be described as a self-conscious attempt to apply the moderate pro-control position which characterizes the rational majority to the claims which each extreme offers about the crime reductive value of civilian gun ownership.


    Comment by Virginia X. Hodge — 02/08/2013 @ 5:03 AM

    • I advocate responsible self-defense. However a person chooses. I personly go for NON-LETHAL, but it’s a choice of what the person feel comfortable with and can be responsible for. I don’t advocate Absolutes..that one way is absolute the best way. I do adovate knowlege and responsibility.


      Comment by peppereyes — 09/08/2013 @ 10:45 AM

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