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Would the competition lie on its competitor?

Yesterday I received this e-mail for a self-defense product distributor called Safety Technology

 I’m sending this email to protect any of my distributors who are selling the Dooney & Bourke pepper
spray from Streetwise. These holsters are counterfeit.  Dooney & Bourke’s legal team are in the process of going after anyone  selling these pepper sprays.

Do yourself a favor if you are selling them online.  Take them down. I don’t want to see any of my distributors take a financial loss because of this.

Best regards,

Michael Gravette

Safety Technology
1867 Caravan Trail #105, Jacksonville, FL 32216
(800) 477-1739 (904) 720-2188 FAX (904) 720-0651 happens to sell this particular brand of Pepper Spray. It is the Streetwise 23% ( 1/2oz) with the Dooney and Bourke Holster

So I contacted my supplier and this is what I received?


Our mission is to be the most trusted supplier of products for self-defense, security, and peace of mind. For that reason it is important that we set the record straight. There has been some misinformation in the market recently regarding the Dooney and Bourke holster on our Streetwise 23 Limited Edition Pepper Spray. It has been alleged that it is counterfeit. We want to assure you this is not true.

To verify this we contacted Dooney and Bourke and asked the director of their anti-counterfeit program for a statement verifying their authenticity. Here is her statement:

From: Carolyn Donohue

Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2013 2:44 PM

Subject: Dooney & Bourke


I am writing this to confirm our phone conversation that the product you are selling, Pepper Spray with a D & B case is a genuine D & B case.


Carolyn Donohue

Director Anti-Counterfeit Program

Dooney & Bourke, Inc.

This leads me to ask

1)      Are there certain vendors selling fake holsters, as Safety Technology indicated. We know the counterfeit products exists in the market from DVDs  to purses.

2)      Is Safety Technology (a rival of Streetwise), lying to it’s customers to keep them from selling their competitors stuff.


My general take on lying is this: If you lack the integrity to be truthful, why should I trust anything you say.

This general principle applies to many situation where competition among vendors is high, if you lie about your competitor to boost you own business, why should your customers trust anything you say.  This also applies to selling counterfeit items to your customers. 


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