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20 Ways to Stay Safe on a College Campus

Each year millions on young people will begin their college adventure. This will be an exciting adventure full of new concepts, and their first brush with adult responsibilities. They will be responsibility with managing their time, their priorities, their money, they relationships and their safety.

While going to college should be about education and fun, many college students also get their first lessons on crimes such as theft, robbery, rape, sexual assault, and other negative elements of society.

Staying safe while you’re in college doesn’t have to be complicated. These twenty tips can be done with minimal effort and can avoid lots of life altering problems later.

  1. Review you school’s security report and attend programs presented by the university and campus safety orientations programs, sexual and gender violence awareness programs, and also include seminars on alcohol and drugs.
  2. While you are hitting the books, also take advantage of program offered by public safety including campus escorts, self-defense classes (RAD), personal Safety strategies, computer ID programs, and other incentives to help protect you.
  3. If your campus has and emergency notification program, please enroll with a good phone number and e-mail.
  4. Locks only work if you use them, keep door to your dorm room/residence locked at all times.  It only takes a less than a minute to get robbed or worse.
  5. If the window to your residence can be used by robbers, or other criminal elements, then keep your windows locks
  6. Don’t be a spectator; participate in helping keep your campus safe, if you see something wrong –REPORT IT.
  7. Help protect other residence by not letting anyone into your hall that you don’t know.
  8. Be careful with your keys.  If you lose them, report it, you would want to find a stranger in your room one day, or find your valuables gone
  9. If you have a car, lock it, and check on it often.
  10. Get a locking device for your laptop. This may be a physical lock or some kind of electronic tracking or locking device. Many college campuses have an ID program.
  11. Watch your valuables in the library. You may need to take a quick run to the snack machines to clear your mind . . . just as someone happens to walk by and see your tablet, mp3 player, books, or laptop unattended.
  12. Put emergency numbers in your cell phone, as well as on a sheet of paper that you keep in your room. If your wallet or phone is stolen, will you know what phone number to call to cancel your credit cards? Put important phone numbers in your cell and on paper so that you can call the moment you notice something is missing. The last thing you want is someone using all of your money.
  13. Put tracking software on your phone, there are lots of smartphone security apps that will allow you to control or track them if they are lots of stolen.
  14. Be careful about posting your whereabouts on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus. People can use this information to stalk you or plan an attack against you.
  15. You many think you campus is safe, but 1 in 4 college female are victims of sexual assault. If your campus has a campus escort service, USE IT.
  16. There is safety in numbers, always go somewhere at night with a friend. Male or female, big or small, safe neighborhood or not, this is always a good idea.
  17. Carry some type of self-defense product, pepper spray or stun guns go a long way.
  18. Don’t wear headphones when walking or jogging outside so that you’re able to hear things around you. They can impair your ability to predict or avoid a confrontation.
  19. OK, when you lived with your parents, they asked you to let them know where you were. This is still as good precaution when you are in college. .. Heading to a club downtown? Going out on a date with (Name)? It’s is wise to let someone (a friend, a roommate, etc.) know where you’re going and what time you expect to get back.
  20. Know the phone number for Campus or Public Safety. You never know: you may need it for yourself or for something you see from far away. Knowing the number off the top of your head (or at least having it in your cell phone) may be the most important thing to remember during an emergency.

Going to college can be a great adventure, but while you are putting book knowledge in your head, don’t forget to utilize common-sense, and stay safe.

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