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Who else is tracking you on-line?

The revelation that the National Security Agency can monitor your every move online shouldn’t come as a total shock . The 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act, singed into law by Ronald Regan lets the Feds read emails that have been stored on a server for at least six months. With all the hoopla about the Government collecting data on citizens, many people are unaware that many private companies especially companies like Google, Microsoft, and perhaps even Yahoo also track your data. The interesting stuff is while the government has many laws, checks and balances about how, and what they can do with your data, there are very few laws that private companies have to follow. Why people are up in an uproar about the NSA who reason is for national security, No one seems to be upset about private companies who have not limitations and whose primary motive is profit. I ponder how far they may go to turn a buck!


If you use a Microsoft product, some of your personal information is probably sitting on a Microsoft server somewhere, right for the plucking by hackers or identity thieves. The Personal Data Dashboard, however lets users have some control over those privacy settings for their products. This portal lacks some features, but it is a great tool to see how much Microsoft has stored about you. Simply head to and log in with you Microsoft account.


Most Google users are unaware that Google is quietly mining your Gmail contacts database to figure out which competing social networks (Facebook, twitter, etc) you belong to. When it discovers a connection, it “suggests” that you merge the outside account into your Google account so that Google can exploit the data within its own services. Perhaps you many have seen those invitations to add your contacts to Google plus, or Gmail. The exercise of monitoring users’ email address books to better compete with Facebook appears to be most interesting step Google has yet taken with Gmail or indeed with any sensitive personal information with which it is entrusted.

Experts have discovered evidence of the data harvesting in the form of an obscure checkbox on a buried Google account preferences pane, which reads, “use my Google contact information to suggest accounts from other sites.” The box is checked by default, which means Google has been scanning your Gmail contacts, unless by some miracle you found this option, buried several clicks beyond your Gmail inbox, and disabled it. Experts have also determined that Google is programmatically scanning Gmail content, in order to make “suggestions” based on products you may have mentioned. This is the same way Facebook puts those ads on the right side of the screen.

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