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Sexual Assault Alert


We are informing the public of series of events that occurred on and off-campus of the College of Charleston.  It is not known at this time if these events are related.

  • Students, Faculty and Staff are cautioned to be mindful of their surroundings. 
  • Walk in groups and in well lighted areas;
  • avoid less traveled short cuts. 

College of Charleston Department of Public Safety Officers are available for campus escorts.  Sign up for a RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) class at Public Safety, or stop by and get a free whistle for the whistle alert program. 

Check out the following link for more tips on staying safe.


March 27, 2013

Location: 66 Bogard Street, Charleston, SC

Suspects’ Description:

None available.  Victim thinks she may have seen the suspect in her neighborhood before.

Incident Description:

An individual not known to the victim tied to sexually assault her outside her home.  She fought off the attacker and called the Charleston City Police Department.

ALERT Item 2 – April 4, 2013

Location:  Intersection of Coming Street and the Crosstown, Charleston, SC

Suspect Description:

Black male, college age to late 20s, 1 to 2 day old razor stubble, athletic build; red/maroon car with large rims

Incident Description:

The victim was walking at the intersection of the Crosstown and Coming Street when a car stopped and the suspect asked her if she needed a ride.  The victim answered “no” and continued walking.  At that time, the suspect got out of the vehicle, grabbed the victim’s arm and attempted to force her into the vehicle.  The victim was able to get away without injury and called the Charleston City Police Department.

ALERT Item 3 – April 5, 2013

Location:  Alleyway on King Street, Charleston, SC – near campus

Suspect Description:

White male, approximately 33 years of age, 5’10” and 190 lbs, long hair

Incident Description:

The suspect grabbed the victim and attempted to pull her down an alley on King Street, near the College of Charleston Campus.  The victim was not going to call the police until her friends advised her that she should.  Both CofC Public Safety Officers and Charleston City Police Officers responded to Berry Residence Hall to speak with the victim.

ALERT Item 4 – April 6, 2013

Location:  St. Philip and Liberty Streets, Charleston, SC

Suspect Description:

Three unknown males, grey in color van

Incident Description:

The victim was walking in the area of St. Philip and Liberty Streets when a grey in color van stopped and three male subjects got out and yelled at her.  The victim did not know what they were yelling because she was listening to audio with ear buds in her ears.  The victim felt threatened and ran away and called the Charleston City Police Department.

If you have any information regarding these events please contact:

College of Charleston Campus Police 

     Emergencies: 953-5611

     Non-Emergency: 953-5609 (Administrative Line)

     Crime Action Line: (Anonymous Reporting) 953-4988

     Silent Witness:

     Public Safety Web Page:

City of Charleston Police Department

    Emergencies:  911

    Non-Emergency:  577-7434

    Crime Stoppers: (Anonymous Reporting 554-1111)

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