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Gone in 26 Seconds

Despite all the Police Warnings — Despite all the News Stories — Despite all the Public Notices

Some people who to leave their unlocked cars running in the wintertime to warm them up, find out that they have been stolen.

Here are a few news story lines

  • Police in Colorado are reporting an increase of thefts as a result of people leaving their vehicles alone while they are warming up
  • Even in this frigid weather, car thieves are out there– and a car was stolen while the owner tried to keep their vehicle warm.
  • The Montclair Police reported three incidents of stolen vehicles while they were left running and unoccupied last week.
  • Warming up a vehicle in the morning has been responsible for nearly half … the man’s pickup truck was stolen while it was being warmed up,”
  • Police are investigating two separate auto thefts that occurred when the owners left their vehicles on and unoccupied to warm up.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Uniform Crime Reports, a motor vehicle was stolen in the United States every 26.4 seconds and two vehicles are stolen every 60 seconds. Annually there are over 1.2 million vehicles that end up in the hands of thieves. The odds are highest in urban areas. Carjacking occur most frequently in urban areas. They accounted for only 3.0 percent of all motor vehicle thefts, based on Department of Justice data from 1993 to 2002. If you leave your car unlocked you have a 1-in-30 chance of having you cars stolen. While the victim loses their car, guess who really pays for it. You guessed it, all drivers do in the form of insurance premiums that compensate for the claims of stolen auto claims. The great news is about 62% of stolen cars are recovered, but usually with lots of damage. The remaining 38% can be shipped overseas, end up in chop shops and stripped for parts, or resold to unsuspecting car shoppers.


  • Leave your keys in your car while you quickly run an errand.
  • Park at the back of the lot at malls, sporting arenas or in a dimly-lit area
  • Don’t get an Anti-Theft System
  • Don’t use the garage on your how for what it was intended for
  • Keep a spare set of keys in the car
  • Leave your car unlocked
  • Leave your valuables clearly visible in the car


  • Keep your car locked
  • Don’t leave your keys in the ignition
  • Park in well-lit areas


  1. Have an alarm system installed
  2. Invest in a steering wheel lock
  3. Get theft deterrent decals
  4. Have wheel locks installed
  5. Have the serial number of your car etched in the windows (standard on some models)

Get a steering wheel locks and/or a brake pedal locks are the least expensive solutions, and both work to deter car theives. Brake locks are particularly difficult to defeat. For those attracted to alarms, personal car alarm pagers buzz a vehicle’s owner when a car is disturbed rather than annoying an entire neighborhood.

The best theft prevention device on the market is the passive immobilizer, now standard equipment on 98% of General Motors’ light duty vehicles and nearly all of the new Fords. These immobilizers use a key that contains a computer chip which communicates with the car’s engine. Without the proper key, the only way to steal the car is to tow it away. And it doesn’t cost us any more than putting in an alarm.”

You can additionally have a tracking system such as LoJack that emits a signal to the police or monitoring service when your vehicle is stolen. If your vehicle has a tracking system and is stolen, it can oftentimes be recovered in about 24 hours, and usually with less damage. is dedicated to providing you with the best and most affordable personal protection products on the market to meet the security needs of you, your family members or your business, by assisting anyone who is unwilling to become a victim of crime. If you want to take personal responsibility for yourself, your home or your business, purchase our high quality discount personal protection products and arm yourself with the knowledge of the best way to stay secure in an ever-increasing violent world. In today’s society being equipped mentally and physically is no longer an option. A division of Onyx Knight Enterprises


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