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A fool and his money are soon parted or Caveat emptor

Last week I attended the Anthony Morrison conference on how you can make money on the internet. I went for two reasons. First, I wanted something to blog about and secondly there was the chance to win a FREE tablet computer. I have to admit I had never heard of Anthony Morrison ( before I received the invitation to attend the conference, and I can say that most of the things that I have researched about his company are not kind.  I have in the past instructed my reader to do a company search  followed by the words SCAM or REVIEWS, just to see what people who have used their services have to say about it.  Try it!

The conference was hosted by Tim Hellbusch. First, let me say there are several businesses that have these types of conferences, some of these are AmyWay, Tupperware, Storesonline, Avon, and many others. They come with dangling the bait of ‘making easy money’ with little work, and their proven system that works (for some).

Here is warning, unless you fall in a gold mine, there is no way to build a successful business with little or no work. Secondly, there are a high percentage of people who go into these ventures and fail. This also means that there is a small percentage of those that try that actually succeed. According to the Small business administration over 50% of all small business fail within the first 5 years. This includes restaurants, and novel ideas, and internet start up companies.

Anyway, what all of these companies start their conferences with is the dream life of lots of easy money and living the rich life. Many of the internet based ones tell of the easy and great opportunity of having an internet business, and how manipulating your site and using social media you can make money. Many of them tell you that you have to invest Time ad Knowledge, and the right tools. They will even show you one or two success success stories. Many of the business attempt to sell you the knowledge and the tools so that you too can be in internet millionaire just like their founder and some of the success stories.  Now, I have to say this, it is possible that if you invest the time to do it right, and grow your business slowly over time, and have a great product this is in demand and great service,  stand out better than your competition, you can make money on the internet.   The knowledge that Anthony wants to share will only cost you $5,995. However, at these conferences the price is usually discounted to about half price.

In the Anthony Morrison system you learn how to do affiliate marketing, but joining the affiliate marketing program of various companies. Please note you can always do this for FREE with must companies, and they did mention this at the conference. The Anthony Morrison system is supposed to teach you how to be successful at it. There are also companies that have banners you can run on your site or blog, that are related to those companies. Some of these companies are click bank, commission junction, linkshare, and more. You can find them if you look for them.

Now for those who are not familiar with the affiliate marketing method, if you have been on almost any web site, and seen those advertisements on the side or the top of the page, these ads are not from those companies they are from affiliate marketing. If you click on that ad, and buy something, they that person makes money, There are also programs that pay you just for bringing traffic to their site, but I would wager that these are rare.

This all sounds good and easy..right. Too good to be true … Right. What is it that they say about if something is too good to be true? There is on thing they did not tell you about these click ads. They are NOT FREE. If you research doing ads on facebook, or Google or many other sites, you have to pay for them. The more money you are willing to spend, the more times your ad will appear. When someone clicks on your ad, it will cost you money. So let’s look at what your typical internet activity is like. How many of those internet ads do you click on? Of the ones you do click on, how many do you purchase from? Are you more likely to stop by a fast food restaurant than to purchase on-line? Now this is to say that people don’t shop on-line. After all, if they didn’t Amazon, E-Bay, iTunes and others would not be in business. There are people who do purchase from seeing these ads, but just how many?

There is also competition. Suppose 1000 people who have bought into this Anthony Morrison system and 1000 are using some other system, and all of them want to have ads for the very popular Acme Company. That is 2000 people are doing ads for the same company, and many of them doing the same advertisement. Let us say 900 of these people want to advertise on Google. What you have to do is bid for the top position. To have your ad appear more. Some ads by only cost you a few pennies, others can range to a few dollars. So let us say that in order to bid for the top position you have to pay $1.75 per click. So this means that every time someone just clicks on your ad, it will cost you $1.75 per click. So if 100 people click on your ad, and never purchase anything, it will cost you out of pocket $175.

I know that both Facebook and Google operate this way. I’m not familiar with how Bing, Amazon, State Farm, and E-bay and other companies do it, but I can only assume that it is similar, after all there are thousands if not millions of people doing affiliate marketing and not anyone can get the top spot. You can also do Niche marketing, and have better results. Which means, instead of doing advertisements for State Farm, or McDonalds,  do ones for Dog Food, or Pet Wear and if you have a great blog for Pet Care, you can probably do well.

Now there are FREE ways to do affiliate marketing, but how often do you suppose the free banners, and tags get noticed. If you have a successful blog, or web site you can put the links there.

Now Anthony Morrison does have a Money Back guarantee. If you earn what you have paid for their system in the first 90 days of doing business, they will give you your money back. I wonder just what percentage of their customers manage to do this.

Things you need to bear in mind

  • In any instance, never invest anything unless you deeply research it first, and completely understand it.
  • When they ask if there are any question “Ask what is the success rate of people who go into this business?”
    • Either they will be honest or spin it. If you feel the spin…RUN
  • Don’t invest money that you are not afraid to see disappear. Beware of those ventures you can finance to join.
  • Many of the things people try to sell you concerning the internet can be done for FREE, or learned for free, or much cheaper.
  • There are sites like the SBA, and StartupNation that can help you get started in a business, and have lots of GREAT resources and advice.

Oh and NO I didn’t win the Tablet. I’m amazed by these companies that say you can be an internet millionaire, and yet they have cheap prizes. This was a XYROS tablet by Coby which usually cost under $100.


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  1. sounds like some kind of scam to me


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