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The Effect of CN and CS Defense Sprays

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In our last Pepper Spray blog, I discussed the various types of defense sprays such as CN,OC, CS and variations and combinations of these products. If you doubt that defense sprays work, go a pet a skunk! The difference between the natural defense that God gave the skunk and the ones that humans have invented is how they affect the body. Use of Defense sprays is no new. These irritants, also known as tear gas, riot control agents, and lachrymators, were used to produce immediate discomfort and eye closure to render the victim incapable of attacking or resisting. Law enforcement forces use them for crowd control, and military forces currently use them mainly for training. They were used before World War I, and, during the war, they were the first chemical agents used—well before the better-known chlorine, phosgene, and mustard gas.

CS is the abbreviation for Orthochlorobenzalmalonitrile, and is usually called tear gas. This was one of the first defense sprays that contained and is still used in the tear gas models as well as some of the combo sprays models. Generally CS has proven to be less effective than OC. This chemical compound product is not eco friendl and it is also suspected of containing carcinogens (cancer causing agents).  CS replaced CN as the principal military and law enforcement riot control agent.

CN is the abbreviation for alphachloroacetaphenone, and is usually called mace . This type of spray is also one f the vintage types of defensive spray and has proven, like CS, to be less effective than OC. Just link CS, CN is a non eco friendly chemical compound that is also suspected of containing carcinogens.

CS and CN are both irritants to the membrane tissue. These agents cause stinging pains and tearing and can take 5 to 30 seconds before they become effective. In cases where the attacker may be intoxicated, or on drugs, suffering psychotic episode or in a condition where their ability to feel pain is diminished, these agents may have NO effect at all. For several years the field experience of the law enforcement community has been peppered with documented accounts of the total failure of both the CN and CS products when used against certain suspects. This reduced capability to subdue those who can’t feel pain, and were armed with weapons such as a knife. This coupled with the 5 to 30 seconds working time made these agents unreliable for self protection by untrained, and possibly physically limited citizens or security staff.

OC on the other a different animal …stay tuned.

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