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Safety Advice for Elderly Citizens

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In this week’s an 85-year-old woman with cancer was robbed on her front doorstep. This incident happened in Charleston, SC. The thief came up behind the elderly victim when she was returning home from her errands. “It was an experience that you won’t forget no time soon,” the victim said just hours after the incident. The victim had just returned home from the bank where she cashed some checks she received last Friday for her 85th birthday. She was intending to use the money for some much needed eye surgery. According to the victim here is what happened:

“I got out of my car and I was standing here (by her front door) like this and he said ‘Give me your pocketbook,’ ” she recalled. The elderly woman with cancer and arthritis realized the man wanted her purse, but wouldn’t give in. “And I said no and I just grab my hands around and we fought back and forth and I hollered for my husband,” she said. The victim’s husband heard his wife crying for help inside the house. By the time he got to her the robber had taken what he wanted and disappeared. The thief pulled so hard on the purse that he ended up breaking the strap in two and taking off with the rest of it up the street where it was later found.

The number of elderly citizens in this country is increasing rabidly thanks to the number people born during the post World War II era. By the end of the last century that number reached somewhere around 35.7 million. The fastest growing group are those age 75 years and older, which is expected to increase by 60% over this decade. Unfortunately, the increase of elderly brings about the increase in the number of targets for crime among the elderly.

Ive covered much of this in an article I wrote years ago. Please see Protecting our elderly treasures

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