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Safely Parking While Shopping – Part 1: Criminal Hiding Places

Waiting for Prey

In a busy store or shop, there is a low probability of being assaulted physically, but the odds of being attacked or robbed increase if you are parked in an out-of-the-way location. Most parking lots are huge, have inadequate lighting, and no real security measures. They do provide a hunting ground and prime opportunities for criminals. The typical parking lot has lots of places where these criminals can lay in wait for their prey. They are usually outdoor parking lots set off from main buildings, or multilevel garages connected to an indoor mall or department store and reached by a tightly winding circular ramp. Many hidden spots between and underneath vehicles provide excellent hiding places for criminals. It is easy to be accosted in a wide-open outside area where there are few people and help is far away, or in the more confined isolated space of a multilevel garage. Customers who may be confused about their vehicles’ location, loaded down with packages, and concentrating on the search for their vehicle make perfect prey for these hunters.

Avoid being pounced

It is recommended that you choose your parking spot with great care. In many downtown areas, for example, try to use an attended parking garage, but remember to remove any personal-identification items for your vehicle and leave only your ignition key with the attendant. If you are parking in a shopping center, select a spot near the main stream of traffic – the end of the row is ideal. You should choose a space near an entrance or elevator if you decide to park in a multilevel garage connected to a store or mall. If you are having a shopping excursion that is likely to go past sundown, be sure to park near a source of light. Avoid parking near extensive shrubbery, as it provides a perfect cover for a criminal. Do not park next to an occupied vehicle or near suspicious-looking individuals.

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