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Protect yourself Against a Home Invasion Robbery

I’ve written often about home invasions, and this is because home invasion robberies are one of the fastest growing crimes in this country. Normally home burglaries happen when you are not at home. However during a home invasion the criminal gains entry into your residence, while your home. Then the criminal forces you, usually a gunpoint to give up your valuables, or even assaults, rapes or murders you, all in the privacy of your own home. These crime can happen to any age group but statistically, the elderly are most often targeted


How it Can Happens
A real incident happened in Hollywood SC a few days ago. According to deputies, one of the criminal suspects knocked on the victim’s door, saying he was looking for somebody and then asked to use the phone. Once the door was open , two other guys rushed in armed with handguns.  This is the normal modus operandi for a home invasion.  The criminal will simply knock on the victim’s door. He may pretend to be someone who needs assistance, or may pretend to be a delivery person, or pretend  to be from a utility company. It is their desire to have you trust them enough to open your door and providing the means of entering your home. One of the other methods for a home invasion is a bit more aggressive. Your sitting at home watching television, when all of a sudden, someone kick your door in.  At this point the criminal(s) pull their weapons and force you to give up their valuables, then possible rape, sexually assault, abuse, or murder you, and then leave.


How to You Prevent It


  • BEFORE YOU Open the Door – Verify the identity of your visitor.
  • NEVER EVER open your door to someone you don’t know, even if they appear official.
  • DO NOT OPEN YOUR DOOR to unexpected delivery person, utility person, or repair men. Tell them to call back later or call their place of business for verification and the reason for their presence. If they don’t check out, CALL THE LAW ENFORCEMENTT
  • If you don’t know the person at your door or were not expecting anyone be sure to check their credentials by calling their company
  • If you don’t have one, purchase a FISHEYE PEEPHOLE, install it, and use it to identify who is at your door. Sometimes it more than one person.
  • If someone you do not know is asking for your assistance or wants to use your phone, claiming there is an accident, tell them you will call 9-1-1 for them and convey the details and they will assist him. In this day and age, a person who does not have a cell phone is a rare thing.
  • WATCH OUT for suspicious people around your residence or neighborhood. IMMEDIATELY CALL 9-1-1 or law enforcement on any suspicious person knocking or attempting to gain entry into your residence or any home in the community.
  • KEEP PEPPER SPRAY Near your Door or Have a protection product just in case they try to force their way in.
  • According to most criminals barking dogs are a great deterrent.


What To Do If You are Being Followed Home


Another tactic of robbers is to follow their victim to their desired destination.  They sometime watch the victim to study their habits. Sometimes that case stores to see if the victim has lots of packages so that can get the upper hand when the victim is putting those packages in the house. Especially of they are sure the victim lives alone. Sometimes they follow their victim’s home from work, grocery stores, shopping centers, or other places. If you are followed or think you are being followed on foot or by auto – GO TO A SAFE PLACE OTHER THAN HOME. This is be a simple as going to the nearest police station or substation, fire station, a friend’s house, or any place where lots of people are such as a church. When you feel safe, CALL THE POLICE and report what has occurred and try to give them the best description of the person and/or vehicle involved. Utilize your cell phone whenever possible; however don’t think the police can pinpoint your location like they do on CSI.




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