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Do NOT Open That Attachment!

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Welcome to National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Last year I told you how to ruin a phishing scam when you receive an e-mail requesting that you confirm your identity from a fake link to a bank account or other Institutions.

One of the of the other threats are attachments with nice titles like “This is funny”, “Watch this”, “Check this out” or any other types of titles to entice you to open the enclosed attachment. Remember that old proverb “Beware Romulans bearing gifts”! Never open attachments you aren’t expecting. If you want to be sure, even if you know the person, confirm it to be safe. If you don’t know the person, but may think it is legit, don’t use a number found in the message.  Look them up through another source.(phone book, other)

A lot of phishing messages use this tactic to lure you into opening a malicious document/file that can infect your machine. These attachments can contain Viruses, Trojan Horses, Worms, Spyware or Adware or worse.  If they’re really smart, they may even be able to do it in such a way that
you don’t even realize what has happened.  Though we always hope our firewalls, anti-malware suites, (ie: Symantec, AVG, McAfee etc.) will catch this stuff, often someone has to be infected first before a threat can be recognized. Also remember new malicious software is created and dispatched to into the internet long before the protection is available.  The safest thing is just to delete a message like this.

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