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Building your own security closet?

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A Security Closet with a secure lock should be used to store small valuables and personal items. This will make it harder for a burglar to steal these valuables since he or she will have to break into a secure closet, which will take more than the 6 or 10 minutes most burglars spend inside your house.

A security closet does not come close to the security that a burglar or fire resistant safe will, however it will provide you with an extra layer of security against your common thief who just breaks into your house grabs what he can in 6 to 10 minutes and runs.

6 Steps to construct a security closet.

If possible, don’t use a closet on the ground floor.

  • Start by lining the interior of the closet with ½ inch ply wood. This will help slow any thief from trying to gain entry by kicking or punching through the drywall.
  • Replace the closet door with a metal-clad or solid door core. Make sure it’s fitted to the frame
  • Have a set of three hinges with at least 2-inch screws to secure the door from kicking and prying.
  • Install a secure dead-bolt lock such as our Fingerprint Dead-bolt Door Lock or Ultimate lock. Once again be sure to use long screws to prevent door door-frame-failure.
    • You can additionally install a device like the Strike Master II, that will prevent the door from being kicked in.
  • Protect the door from being pried open by installing a heavy metal strip along the latch edge, as shown.

    A security closet is a terrific and affordable way to secure your family valuables, and potentially dangerous items such as guns. However, a one of my old teachers once told me, a determined thief will find a way to beat your security measures, given enough ingenuity, resources and time. The security closet just discourages them from spending lots of time in your house when they are trying to get out before getting caught.

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