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Budget Cuts, Police Downsizing means higher crime.

Personally, I like seeing a police cruiser every now in again in my neighborhood, because just a few block away was a neighbor that was high in crime, and could be again. In fact, the only time I don’t like seeing a police cruiser is when the blue light is behind me. Now, can you imagine your city government having to cut their entire police force, or reduce a percentage of police services from their budgets? Across the United States police departments are streamlining patrols, reducing training schools and cutting back on some preventative programs as their budgets fall victim to the struggling economy and government decisions. This is the new reality of the signs of the times. To make some of this worse, some of the Anti-Union politics is aimed at service department such as Police Unions stripping of the right to collectively bargain for just compensation. You can probably search the internet for these stories and their effects in states like Minnesota, California, Texas, Virginia, and other states and cities around the county. The reality of the times that with lower tax revenues state and city governments are looking at their making tough budget choices and cutting police officers, or whole police departments and other service jobs. What does this mean for the average Joe? You’ll have to either protest or grin and bear it. With fewer cops on the streets, you can bet that patrols services in upper class neighborhoods won’t be affected, nor will some high crime neighborhood, Unfortunately I fear that middle class neighborhoods, will have to fend for themselves. According to one report that I glanced at the Police Executive Research Forum found that 44% of 233 agencies reported spikes in crime linked to the economy. Not only do these budget cuts affect police department, but also prison funding. Some states are looking o release non-violent criminals to ease their burden. With the job market being what it is, how do you think that these ex-cons are going to support themselves. After all, larceny, and theft are all non-violent crimes. All I can advise you to do it get prepared to not be a victim in the coming crime wave.

Things you can do

  1. Be mindful of your surroundings at all time, there are some desperate people out there.
  2. If you don’t have a neighbor watch it would be wise to form one.
  3. With the lack of available patrol officers, having a home alarms is better than not having one
  4. Security camera can help provide evidence for businesses.
  5. I wouldn’t go for a walk without a big dog, a big stick or pepper spray or Stun Gun. is dedicated to providing you with the best and most affordable personal protection products on the market to meet the security needs of you, your family members or your business, by assisting anyone who is unwilling to become a victim of crime.  If you want to take personal responsibility for yourself, your home or your business, buy our high quality discount personal protection products and arm yourself with the knowledge of the best way to stay secure in an ever-increasing violent world. In today’s society being equipped mentally and physically is no longer an option.


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