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It’s OK to be a Nosey Neighbor

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In May 2013, a nosy neighbor named Charles Ramsey, help free three young Cleveland Ohio women who had been kidnapped and held for 10 years.

Old TV shows, like Bewitched had a nosey neighbor called Gladys Kravitz who,  just cannot keep to herself. She was a grotesquely stereotyped shrewish gossip — always on the lookout for delicious secrets and rumors about her neighbors, which is emphasized by showing her peering suspiciously around her curtains at least once an episode. The  Hitchcock movie ‘Rear Window’ had the character LB Jefferies, who because of a broken leg spent his days and nights looking into the apartment windows of his neighbors, only to figure out that one of the tenants had murdered his wife and buried her in the common area. While these are extreme versions of a Neighborhood Watch, they only underscore the need of being on the watch out for suspicious activity in your neighborhood.

The following is a list of things you should keep a look out for in your neighborhood.

  1. Anyone looking into or forcibly entering a car or home
  2. Someone you don’t know running from a car, home or business
  3. The sound of glass breaking
  4. Someone carrying a weapon
  5. Screams
  6. Gun shots
  7. Home alarms going off for more than a minute
  8. Strangers offering neighborhood children with candy or gifts
  9. Loiterer who doesn’t belong in the area
  10. Persons walking around the neighborhood with items which may have been stolen. Someone carrying a flat-screen  television is a big hint.
  11. Anyone ringing or knocking at your door with unreasonable explanations (or reasonable, if they want to “use your phone”)
  12. Suspicious open doors. (when you know your neighbors are not home)
  13. A clean car with dirty plates / dirty car with clean plates

If you seen any suspicious activity, please notify your local law enforcement agency. NEVER EVER CONFRONT THE PERSON.

If you see a suspicious person get all the details you can

  • Sex
  • Race
  • Dress
  • Height
  • Build

If you see a suspicious car…

  • Make
  • Model
  • Color
  • License Plate

If you can record with your smart phone the person or car without being seen…do so

Neighborhoods that have adopted a NO SNITCHING policy, develop high crime rates and leave themselves at the mercy of the criminal element.

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