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Almost everything you wanted to know about Alarm Systems (Part 1)

I was talking with a customer a few weeks ago and he told me of a subdivision where almost every home had been broken into. He also said that because of the increase of burglaries that the alarm company ADT was back up on their orders for almost four weeks. In one of my other series I discussed home alarm systems, and a few weeks ago I discussed the barking dog alarm system. If you are shopping around for a alarm security system perhaps you need to look for certain features. For example a few summers ago, someone broke into five homes, all which had alarm systems. The thieves cut the phone lines so that the security systems could not dial out. Several alarm systems provide you the option of having a cellular service that does not use a traditional phone lines. In addition there are other companies monitoring system with alert the companies if the signal is interrupted.

Why Get an Alarm System?

Burglars, Robbers and Thieves want to operate in secret and don’t any noise tipping anyone off of their evil deeds. This is why most alarm systems serve as a good deterrent to this scum of society. In this series I will teach you the basics of a alarm systems, how they work, and what you should consider before you install on in your residence or business.

Today there are quite literally hundreds of different alarms systems and companies that either sell or manufacture alarm systems. Although there is a multitude of systems, they all basically have the same purpose which is to detect someone entering or intruding into a swelling or specific area.

Should You have an Alarm System?

A good alarm system or just the presence of Alarm warning signs can be an excellent deterrent against a burglary. On the other hand, not everyone may need an alarm monitoring system, considering their circumstances. Many times you can take the more economical measures to secure your premise without installing a monitored system. So don’t be rushed into purchasing an alarm system with all the latest bells and whistles until you have carefully considered the following factors:

  • What are your security objectives? If you are going to get an alarm system, what is its purpose in securing your residence or business?
  • What kind of valuables are you going to protect? Are we talking your TV and some cheap jewelry, or your diamond collection? Do you really need an alarm system or could you just use a good diversion safe, or a safe deposit box to hide your valuables.
  • What kind of neighborhood do you live in? How much crime happens within 15 miles of your home? Have the homes with alarms be successful in preventing burglaries?
  • How much money do you have to invest on the alarm system? Although some systems are FREE, and you have to only to pay a monthly monitoring free under a contract term, some systems can are very expensive. If you are going to get a monitored system. Shop and compare, before jumping on the first thing that catches your eye.. Ask about any up and coming sell promotions! If you see one you like better, but it’s more expensive, try to get a bargain by telling what the competitor’s rates are.
  • What are you afraid of? If you are frightened of crime and somebody breaking into your residence, it may be somewhat comforting to realize that a burglar alarm may help deter a burglar. If course I’ve seen someone who had “I have several loaded guns and a mean dog…go a head and make my day” sign on their front door. You must understand, however that there is absolutely NO GUARANTEE that even if you alarm your house won’t be robbed. Remember all banks have alarms, and there are banks robbed almost every day. My old band director said that we have a 1 inch steel door, and a concrete floor, yet if anyone really wanted to break into this room, they will find a way”
  • If you have small children or a pet, you should consider not having certain kinds of alarm systems, for example, an ultrasonic alarm, which could be accidentally set off by a pet or a small child. Certain professional alarm systems have motion sensors which will ignore small pets when you are not home.

In our next article, we will talk about residential alarms and qualities of a good alarm systems.

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