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Last week I attended a session on identity theft. So I decided to share lots of what I picked up here. I’ve written about ID theft several times before, and listed some of the previous blog entries below.

According to several reports identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the world. MSNBC has done a few segments on the crime and how cleaver criminals are, as well as the vast amount of data sold across the internet that may contain information about you.

Having your identity stolen will affect your money, your credit and your good name. Victims of identity theft have found themselves in jail, or even worse. There have been cases of people who were murdered, and the murderer assuming their identities. Yea, it sound like stuff out of the movies, but it does happen. The victims are any age, any race, any gender, in any income range, can have any credit score. In short anyone can be a target. In United States, if you have a Social Security Card you can be a potential victim. The absolute worse part is that if you are a victim of Identity theft, you will spend a large part of your life trying to convince people on the other end of the phone that you really didn’t purchase a new house, car, and take a trip to Europe, with that all those credit cards.

Two Class of Thieves

There are two classes of thieves when it comes to identity theft; Old School and New School.

The Old School ID thief resorts to simple methods to steal your ID.

  • Stealing your wallet/purse (even during a robbery)
  • Dumpster diving
  • Raiding your mail box
  • Copying your information from a corporate file.
  • Old forms your fill out.
  • A friend or relative who has access to your personal information.
  • Looking over your shoulder
  • Fake Phone surveys
  • Diverting your bills to a different address.

The New School thief resorts to High Tech methods to steal your ID.

  • Hacking your internet/computer/wi-fi
  • Hacking into the database of some company or agency that has your information.
  • Using portable scanner/skimmers
  • Computer spyware, Phishing sites.
  • Getting equipment from old computers and copiers that are thrown out.
  • Using computer equipment to make fake checks/IDs

A few weeks ago I was watching Dateline NBC and they showed this high-tech portable scanner that a person can use to just walk behind you, bump into you can scan all the information on the magnetic strips on your credit cards, or driver’s licenses.

There are several things you can do to reduce your chances to becoming the next identity theft victim.

  • FREEZE your credit reports at all three companies
  • Always check your credit reports every few months. By Law you can get them free. Just order 1 every 4 months from a different agency.
  • NEVER carry your Social Security Card in your wallet
  • Get a metallic Wallet that prevents scanning
  • Never carry more than 1 credit card (or better yet..just the cash you need)
  • Buy and use a Diamond cut shredder and shred anything with your name, or account number on it.
  • Never put your whole name on your checks, or internet forms, Use your initials.
  • Don’t have your name on your mail box.
  • If possible, get a PO Box, or use electronic billing.
  • Get Identity Theft Insurance like the type offered by Zander Insurance. (I don’t recommend Life Lock, you can Google the complaints)
  • Don’t key people see you enter your codes into a bank terminal.


How do I Get my Free Credit Report?

The nation’s credit reporting agencies have teamed up and built a website that you should use to get your free credit report. The site is You can also call them at 877-322-8228 and request your free credit report.

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  1. a good discussion can be started on this post,as i do not fully agree with you,but nevertheless,good post.


    Comment by Melania Cuny — 28/03/2011 @ 1:26 AM

  2. Now I dont mean to be a mean bad guy here but Isnt US insurance going downlhill? What do you think? Now I mean first it was bailing those greedy insurance companies and now lack of total responsibility towards an ethical insurance towards the poor. Where is Uncle Sam Heading?


    Comment by Burton Haynes — 06/04/2011 @ 4:54 AM

    • All white people are racist!
      All Black People are criminals!

      These are absurd statements, you can’t group, or lablel a whole group as being this or that, becuse of the actions of a very few select individuals. What is your reasoning for beleving that US insurance is going down hill. Is it a few select stories shown on the news of a few incidents? Is it the ranting of people on Talk radio, who skew the facts for Entertainment. Have you seen or heard stories of Insurance comapnies coming to people rescue and paying their claims, and giving them great service? Have you? Nope..that’s not news worthy. The media will cover a story about one mother who kills all her kids, but not do one story on a mother who takes care of her kids. So when suggest getting identity theft insurace.. do your homework on companies and products.


      Comment by peppereyes — 07/04/2011 @ 10:07 AM

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