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What should you do during a Burglary? – Part 3

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I started this series in the later part of last year and decided to go back to it. There is a NBC TV show call “What would you do?” This series is called What should you do, and is based on expert advice of those who deal with crime everyday.

It is not uncommon for people to be the victim of theft while home. A police associate of mine told me the tale of a homeowner who went to bed and forgot to close his garage door, and back door. When he got up the next money, his home looked like he was hit by the Grinch; all of the valuable electronics were gone.

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Here is the Situation: You arrive home and notice that your residence has been, or at least you think it has been broken into.

What should you do?

First and far most, DO NOT GO INTO YOUR RESIDENCE, instead immediately leave the premises as fast as you can, no need to startle your guess. Then immediately call the police from a safe location. Inform the police that you think someone has or is breaking into your residence. The police will check out the situation and your premises. If you have a line of sight with your residence, you can make notes of anyone leaving, mode and direction of travel. Once the police have had a chance to check out the situation, you can re-enter your residence only after the police has given you the all clear. Fully cooperate with the police and provide them will all the information they desire. Hopefully you have a list of all your valuable and serial numbers and did have the wisdom to mark your property so that it can be identified.

Important Safety Tip

Make it a habit whenever you return home to routinely check your doors, locks and windows BEFORE YOU ENTER for indication or evidence that someone has forcibly entered. The usually signs of forced entry are pry marks on the door(s), or window(s) and their frames; your door key does not function normally – such as the key will not fit or turns to easily when you insert it in the lock.

If you seen any signs of a Break In—CALL THE POLICE!

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