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So often we here on the news stories about robberies, burglaries, or break-ins.

Basically there are three types of thefts.

LARCENY – larceny is the trespassory taking (caption) and carrying away (asportation, removal) of the tangible personal property of another with the intent to deprive him or her of its possession permanently. In almost all states, it has become a statutory crime through codification. Generally it’s when someone who has the right to be on the property, takes something (theft) without the permission of the owner. Shop-lifting is a form of larceny.

One Larceny Theft happens every 5 seconds


BURGLARY– unlike Larceny, the theft occurs from someone who does not have permission to be on the property, and steals your property. Burglary also comes in Type and degrees. There is Breaking and Entering, where there is forced entry to obtain the item. If you leave your garage door open and the thief just enters your garage and takes your weed-wacker, then that is just entering. Burglar in the first degree is a planned heist. Second degree burglary is a theft that takes place in a commercial establishment, research center, business center or a structure like room, ship, vessel, car, vehicle, plane or any place that is used for or carrying out business. A burglary in the second degree is also known as Commercial Burglary

One Burglary happens every 15 seconds


ROBBERY is taking or attempting to take something of value from another by violence or the threat of violence. Robbery can be committed against individuals, businesses, and institutions like banks. It is a felony in all states. Threatening people on the streets with a baseball bat and demanding all their money and jewelry is robbery, even if the person is not injured. Pushing an elderly woman down on the sidewalk to steal her purse is also robbery. Of course there is robbery at the stroke of a pen, but I won’t go there.

One Robbery happens every 1 minute

So, if someone at your Christmas Party steals your diamond watch from your home ..that’s Larceny.

If they enter your house without your permission and steal your diamond watch that’s burglary

If they take it from you by force or perceived force..that’s Robbery.

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