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Crime has fallen…for now

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – 2010 had a less violent start than 2009. The Federal Bureau of Investigation released its Preliminary Semiannual Uniform Crime report from January to June 2010. Violent crime rates fell 2.6 percent from January through June nationally, compared to the figures reported for the same period in 2009. It includes violent crime category from murder, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. Property crimes nationally also decreased to 2.8 percent compared to last year. Property crimes include burglary, larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft. Arson decreased 14.6 percent.

So what is going on here, are we really safer?  In theory, in times of recession, crime rates go up,” says the co-director of Justiceworks, a crime and justice research group at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. Tight finances, Mr. Kirkpatrick explains, tend to boost property crime and robberies, and financial stress often produces more domestic violence

Reasons why crime is down 

  • Incarceration – in the last ten years society as built more and bigger jails.
  • The Economy – During severe recessions like the current one, with chronically high unemployment rates, more people are at home and can act as protectors  for their homes and a larger neighborhood watch force.
  • More Law Enforcement – “Policing is more proactive,” asserts Bushway of the University at Albany.  “It’s simply getting harder to commit crime,” he says. “Surveillance Cameras are everywhere. Anytime there’s a robbery, you can bet there’s a number of pictures taken. That’s forcing illicit behavior underground where it’s less detectable.”
  • Social programs – Law enforcement and community leaders  have worked with  groups for years to develop programs to keep youths engaged, provide them outlets, and combat crime. Those efforts may finally be paying off, criminologists say.
  • Crime has moved – The statistics used to generate these numbers were based on the monitored crime rates of certain cities. However, if you monitor many of the smaller cities and towns around larger cities, I think the crime trend would be different. Untill recently you never heard about the gang violence that has moved into Small town USA.
  • More Responsible Citizens – There are several things that are influencing more citizens to take more responsible for their own safety, and doing smarter things to reduce their chances of becoming a crime statistics. Over the past few years more citizen have been making wiser choices and many have purchased security and personal protection products.

Don’t have a False Sense of Security.  

Crime rate is cyclical, it has highs and lows, and while these indicators seem to indicate that crime has fallen, the news indicates that crime is still ever present in our lives.  Take a look at these stories that have happened in the past few weeks:

  • On Nov. 22, Charles Boyer was shot to death when he and his girlfriend tried to flee robbers near her Virginia-Highland apartment.
  • On Nov. 23, a woman was raped in a Grant Park home after three men tied up her two male roommates after one of the roommates was kidnapped on the street. Police arrested three men in that incident. As of Monday, no one has been arrested in the Boyer case.
  • In November, a woman returned to her home in the Reunion Place subdivision in southwest Atlanta and discovered burglars inside the house. She sounded her horn and the thieves fled, but not before one assailant shot four times in her direction, with a bullet striking her car, said Don Jeanne, head of the neighborhood association. No arrest has been made in that case.
  • Dorchester County, SC  also saw a surge in burglaries and larcenies in 2010. Maj. John Garrison said the economy may be partly to blame. Copper thefts have been a particular problem. Thieves even broke into a Sheriff’s Office evidence compound several weeks ago to steal 200 pounds of copper that had been seized by deputies, he said.

 Therefore, don’t get lulled into a false sense of security.  Crime is still very real in our society, and you can still be it’s latest victim. 

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