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What should you do during a Burglary? – Part 1

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With the holidays coming, people will begin to window shop. This includes burglars.

The following situation can place you in a position of life and death during a burglary. Carefully read the situation and know what you should do if you find yourself in any of these circumstances. Remember your reaction to the situation can determine the outcome.


SITUATION: You are in bed or sleeping and you are awakened by a burglar in your bedroom.

What should you do?

Since you have no idea what the burglar has in his hands it would be unwise of you to let them know that you are awake. Don’t make any sound or sudden movement –it is considered unwise to confront the burglar.

Pretend you are still asleep and have not been awakened by the burglar. You can try to sneak a peek so that you can identify them. Let the burglar grab their loot and go. Never run after them or chase after them. As soon as possible call the police.

There are several things you could have done to prevent them, these are covered in our home invasion series.


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