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Burglary Prevention Tips: The Doors

According to the FBI, 70% of all break-ins happen be going through the door. It is the easiest way for a criminal to get in and out of your house with your stuff

By all statistical crime data the doors are one of the most common means of entry for burglars. Also according to the FBI, every 12 seconds a home in the United States is invaded by going right through the front or back door.
Two o’clock in the afternoon is the biggest break-in time. Burglars prefer entering through doors because they arouse less suspicion than entering through your window. You should keep all your doors locked at all times, even if you are home. You would be surprised how many people get robbed by leaving their front door open or garage door open while they are in the back yard.

Choosing your door locks.

All locks and other means of entry should have high quality locks that cannot be easily picked, cut, bumped or attacked by burglars. Your doors should have, if possible, double cylinder dead bolt locks capable of being locked and unlocked with a key on both sides of the door. We highly recommend getting the Ultimate lock for your outside doors, and one for an inside door that you can turn into a safe room.

If you cannot install a double cylinder deadbolt lock, or the ultimate lock then we recommend that you do install a one-sided deadbolt with a thumb turn. Any deadbolt lock you install should have at least a one-inch metal “throw” – meaning the metal part that goes into the door frame should be at least one inch long. Other locks such as the “key In the door knob” or “dead latch” locks should be avoided since they provide no real security or protection.

Types of Doors

You doors should be made of solid stock and not hollow core, If you have a hollow core door(s), it can be easily broken and should be reinforced or replaced. If your door hinges are located on the outside of the door they should contain irremovable hinges or internal pins should be inserted so the door cannot be lifted from the outside. Doors that contain glass or thin decorative wood panels should be reinforced with decorative iron, grillwork, or unbreakable glass.

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