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Make a Security Check List

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Your first stop in protecting yourself against burglary is to conduct a security check of your residence. In some communities, the local police or Neighborhood Watch groups can provide additional information or perform the check for you. Some of these have already be covered in our home invasion series.

Items to check: (we will go into detail in future postings)

  1. Windows (House and Garage)
  2. Doors (Front, Rear, Sliding Glass, Garage, Cellar)
  3. Street Address
  4. Street Lights
  5. Exterior Lights
  6. Landscape and Shrubbery
  7. Security Signs, Decals and stickers
  8. Your Mailbox
  9. Alarm Systems
  10. Fish Eye Peephole
  11. Storage Shed
  12. Your Fence
  13. Vents
  14. Roof

Remember October is Crime Prevention Month.

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