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Burglary…know the facts

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Whether you live in a house, a condo or an apartment, a break-in can permanently shatter your feeling of security at home.

Burglary is defined as the unlawful entry of a structure to commit a felony or theft. The use of force to gain entry is not required to classify an offense as a burglary. Burglary is categorized into three sub classifications: forcible entry, unlawful entry where no force is used, and attempted forcible entry.

Burglars consist of basically three types:

  • The Amateur burglar – are opportunists and look for easy targets. They take chances, but if the risk of detection is too high, they will not attempt to enter a home. These are opportunists who break in on impulse and steal low-risk items, such as petty-cash boxes and jewelry. These thieves make up about seventy percent of the group.
  • The Semi-professional burglar – know that the key to success is planning. They usually scout a neighborhood, ‘casing’ a residence and waiting for the right moment to strike. Often they study the pattern of the people in the neighborhood, and waiting for you to go on vacation. The semi-professional burglar makes up about 28 percent of this group.
  • The Professional burglar – spend sufficient time planning and strategizing and focus high-end homes with an emphasis on extremely valuable items, such as money, jewelry, cars and weapons. These make up the remaining two percent of the group.

Generally, burglary is not a crime of violence as the burglar does not forcefully take the property away from the victim. If a burglar, however, is caught in the act HE MAY BECOME VIOLENT and do what it take to escape or take your property.

Did you know

  • A burglary takes place in the U.S. every 15 seconds
  • More than 3/5 of burglaries involve forced entry.
  • Most burglaries happen in the day when you are at work.
  • More often than not, burglars spend less than 10 minutes inside a home.
  • Cash, jewelry and guns are among the most stolen objects.
  • The entry point used most often is the front door.
  • According to the FBI, the easiest way for a criminal to get into your house is just to kick in your door!

Fortunately, burglary is probably the most preventable of crimes. By taking a few simple precautions, you can dramatically reduce the risks. Most home burglars do not give great amounts of thought to planning the job and assessing the benefits vs. dangers, but understanding how they choose a target can go a long way in reducing your chances of being a victim.

Most burglars look for:

  • Something worth stealing
  • Easy access combined with low visibility
  • A home that is unoccupied

Is your residence a burglary target?
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