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Don’t Let Thieves Ruin Your vacation!

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According to the statistics compiled by the United States Justice Department one burglary happens every 15 seconds. So when you are on your summer vacation take extra care with your valuables, especially in hotels. In a recent news story British actor Simon Pegg says he lost an iPod and a camera in a New York City hotel burglary. His co-star Kirsten Dunst testified Tuesday that her handbag was stolen. This just proves, crime can happen to anyone, any place at any time.

 Here are some Hotel Safety Tips

  • Depending on the type and age of your lodgings, typically hotel safes which let you select your own combination are safer than room safes with keys that may have had keys copied by dishonest hotel employees. Unfortunately in some hotels, dishonest employees use master keys to remove items from your hotel safe when you are away. This tends to be a larger problem outside the United States.
  • If your hotel doesn’t have a safe consider having a diversion safe such as Barbasol Shaving Cream safe or even a hidden book safe tucked amongst other books
  • Some travelers report that their credit card numbers may have been compromised by someone who may have entered their hotel safe and copied down their numbers. This is very hard to prove. Some travelers place their credit cards in a sealed envelope in their hotel room safe so they can tell if this has occurred.
  • Research your hotel online – is a great research site – look for terms such as theft from hotel room safes or related comments.
  • You many want to invest in a set of security luggage straps to help your secure your luggage.

What to take with you when leaving your hotel room

  • Take a minimum of cash, and only enough travelers checks for that outing.
  • Carry “bait money” for potential thieves and keep it in a different pocket.
  • Carry Pepper Spray and keep it where you can get to it.
  • Wear minimum jewelry, especially women. Women, wear only a simple wedding band in lieu of a diamond ring. Remember in some foreign cities and even some area within the United States, a diamond ring might be worth what a criminal might earn in a year. Remove the temptation!
  • Keep credit cards and t/checks in separate pockets.

Laptop safety while staying in a in hotel room

  • Laptop computers or other expensive items can be easily stolen from hotel rooms. The only way to protect them is to leave them at the front desk in a safety deposit box or to secure them in your room. If you want to take the easy way by leaving them in your room (most of us do) use a security cable to a fixed object in the hotel. Also make sure your laptop is password protected, and investing in lojack software are great security options. Think of all the personal stuff you have on your computer, not to mention the value of the computer itself. is dedicated to meeting the safety needs of you, your friends, or your family members by assisting anyone who is unwilling to become a victim of crime.  If you want to take personal responsibility for protecting yourself, your family and property arm yourself with our products and the knowledge about the best way to stay safe in an ever-increasing violent world. In today’s society being equipped mentally and physically is no longer an option.


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