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Summer Crime is on it’s way…

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About last year this time I wrote the Summer Time Summer Crime Article.  The other night on the news I was watching the news that showed three teen vandals who broke into a West Ashley liquor store early Tuesday morning and stole bottles of booze.  And I started thinking.  Yep, it’s getting to be that time of the year again when kids will be getting out of school and looking for something to ease that boredom.  In my day that meant either just playing with friends or getting the summer job. However, with more adults taking jobs that would have gone to teen, that leave some of the mischievous teens looking for cheap thrills which may mean breaking into homes and businesses.  It just a societal fact than as the thermometer number increases so does the amount of crime 

In the case of these three teens at they threw a large rock into the Wholesale Liquors on Sam Rittenberg Boulevard at 4am. (instead of being home in bed)  The store’s security surveillance cameras were rolling when the suspects threw a large rock through the front window, setting off the alarms.  The teenage vandals were in the store for only 45 seconds apparently wanting to get alcohol.

Because their crime was captured on video and shown on several news stations the three suspects surrendered to the police Tuesday night after the broadcast.

General Tips

Bike Theft Prevention

  • Most bicycles are stolen while left unlocked in driveways, on the lawns, outside stores, on parkways. Some bicycles thieves enter closed garages with unlocked side service doors. If you’re not riding it, ALWAYS LOCK IT UP!

Vacation Watches

  • When leaving town on vacation, stop by the police department to fill out a vacation house watch. We’ll keep an eye on your home.
  • Have someone pick up your mail and any newspapers.
  • Leave a lamp on a timer.
  • Tell a trusted neighbor to watch your house while you are gone and provide them with information on how to reach you
  • Make sure you keep your lawn neat, so that it looks like someone is around
  • Read my previous blogs on Home invasions (for additional information)

General Safety

  • Do not leave valuables or cash in your car.
  • If you must leave items in the car, put items in the trunk. If you have folding rear seats, make sure those are locked also.
  • When driving, always lock your doors.
  • If you have small children, check to see if your rear vehicle doors have child safety locks and, if so, activate them. (Your owner’s manual will give you the specifics.) is dedicated to meeting the safety needs of you, your friends, or your family members by assisting anyone who is unwilling to become a victim of crime.  If you want to take personal responsibility for protecting yourself, your family and property arm yourself with our products and the knowledge about the best way to stay safe in an ever-increasing violent world. In today’s society being equipped mentally and physically is no longer an option.


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  1. Charleston, SC – Investigators say they have arrested a teenager for robbing a cleaning crew in Charleston Wednesday night. The Charleston Police Department have charged 17-year-old Jacob Johnson with three counts of armed robbery.

    It all started when police responded to an address on Tobias Gadson Boulevard in reference to an armed robbery. Officers arrived at the address and spoke to three victims who had been cleaning a business and said they had been robbed.


    Comment by George — 15/07/2010 @ 1:18 PM

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