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A meeting in the ladies room

There was once an ancient question that no man could answer. Why do women go to the ladies room in pairs. The answer is safety.

All across America women are being attacked in their one safe haven. The lady’s room or even in the ladies locker room. Imagine your at the mirror fixing your face. You hear the doors open and  hear heavy footsteps enter. Nervously, you turn around and see a man with the hungry look in his eye. . Self-defense instructors call this the “uh-oh” moment—the moment before a possible assault. It’s fight or perish time. A mugging, rape or attack can happen to anybody at anytime. Here’s what to do if your “uh oh” swings into high gear:

  1. Let the person know you are aware of their presence. – Immediately face your attacker and show your prepared to fight.
  2. Ready your body. – Bring your hands up in front of your chest and put one leg slightly in front of the other, shoulder-width apart, with your weight evenly distributed. This “ready stance” allows you to move easily and shows the attacker you are not backing down.
  3. Take a quick inventory. What can you use for a weapon? Do you have an umbrella? Pepper Spray? Car Keys? Towel? Is there a mop nearby? Any object you have can be used as your personal weapon. You’ll want to hang on to these. If you’re empty-handed, try to grab any object within reach. If you can swing or poke with it, it could save your life.  If you have your own personal protection product, have them where you can get to them. Moreover, keep your product in a space in your hand bag that you can easily reach. Make sure that you do not have to dig through piles of hair brushes, lipsticks, and calling cards before you get to your defense stuff.
  4. Yell “fire.”  – I’ve said this before you’ll draw more attention yelling “Fire” than “Help” f your attacker continues to approach you and there aren’t many people nearby, yell “Fire!”  repeatedly.
  5.  Wait for your moment to explode and escape. – If you’ve been attacked and are pinned on the ground, be temporarily complacent. In order for him to hit you, or for a sexual assault to take place, he will have to let go of you somewhere. When he does, use your free arm or leg to hit, gouge, kick or scratch as hard and as fast as you can. If been you’ve tossed onto your stomach, try to get your arms and hands under your chest; this will give you leverage and ensure that you can breathe. In this same position, try to bend a leg to the side and rest on your hip; in an unsuspecting moment, you can kick the bent leg straight back and smash his groin. If you happen to land on your back you can use your heels to strike some primary targets. The chin, gut, groin, knees, etc.
  6. Remember this as you find ways to defend yourself. Your attacker will want as little space between you and him as possible, and you will find it hard to do a Kung Fu move if you’re being pinned to the ground, in danger of being raped. To counteract this, you need to put space between you and your attacker. If you are being pinned down, don’t struggle aimlessly: put your hands on your attacker’s shoulders, and then, firmly, lock out your elbows, as though you were about to spring forward and push him back. Pull your feet up and position your feet on your attacker’s hips. Now, with all your energy, push! It’s you or them.
  7. If your feet are pinned down, but your hands are still free to put on your attacker’s shoulders, you may as well reach up, put your hands on either side of the attacker’s face, and jam your thumbs directly into his eyes. Press in as though you were launching his eyeballs way out of his skull. The eyes are a susceptible region, and you can use that to your advantage. You can also do a blow to the throat. If you hit them hard enough you can dislodge their wind pipe.
  8. Back to kicking. Since your leg is the longest extremity, it can be used to defend you. Find a way to kick your attacker in the groin or in the knee caps. These are also susceptible and sensitive parts of the body. If you are lying on the ground, you can lift your knee and kick your attacker in the groin. If the attacker is down but you can sense that he is still ready for another attack, spring up at once, and if you can, kick him in the throat. High heels can be your best friend for good kicks, or putting down a very painful pressure point.
  9. The Elbow is the strongest part of your body.  Jam it into your attacker stomach if he comes from behind, and then into the throat as you try to put some space between you.
  10. Never go Alone – 97% of all assaults happen when the victim is alone. So if you have to go, don’t go by yourself. If you find yourself in the lady’s room by yourself. Be Mindful.


The most important factor in fending off an attacker is determination. Do not underestimate the strength of your body or your mind in these tense situations. Learn these self-defense tips and remember: It’s not the size of the girl in the fight—it’s the size of the fight in the girl. I would also urge you to find out about FREE Self Defense courses in your area and take a few classes.


Got your own self defense technique to share?

By Victor Swindell, owner of, a division of Swindell Enterprises. is dedicated to assist those people who are unwilling to become a victim and are taking personal responsibility to protect themselves, and their families with our pepper spray, stun guns, and other personal security products. In today’s society being equipped mentally and physically is no longer an option.


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