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Joggers and Walkers beware!

As the weather begins to warm, more people will start walking and jogging to keep their resolution to be more fit. However, you need to be aware on jogging trails – Joggers are great at setting routines. Routines creates predictable opportunities for crime.  Joggers  also enjoy the cooler morning and evening temperatures, and add to that, headphones and music that dulls the senses. This again is creating a crime opportunity.  I would suggest that if you have a dog take him/her along.  One of the ladies in my subdivision has two big German Sheppards, that she walks with. They make great crime deterrents. If you don’t have a dog, then recruit a friend or put a leash on the spouse and drag them off the couch. Don’t go jogging alone in secluded areas. When you do go out for exercise, try to keep some protection with you. Even things like a walking stick, can make an effective weapon. However we recommend you carry one of our personal Protection devices such as Pepper Spray, a Stun gun or even a Personal alarm.

To bring this point home perhaps you heard of the death of Nicole Ganguzza, the University of Central Florida graduate student who was killed during a jog at a park earlier this during early June 2008. Her body of was found Wednesday in a wooded area near Jay Blanchard Park in east Orange County Florida. Sheriff’s officials have said she was attacked while jogging on a stretch of the paved trail that runs through the park.

 Here are some other things that I advocate for your safety:

 SELF DEFENSE CLASSES. I firmly believe that self defense ought to be taught in schools as part of a physical education program. Lessons learned and reinforced formed at an early age will last a lifetime. Absent that, police
departments, colleges and various community groups offer them for free. Check your local listings. Everyone should take one.
CARRY. Carry some non lethal self defense weapons-stun guns, pepper sprays, even Tasers. Keep them in your car, home, office, keychain and have plenty of them. Pepper sprays are as little as $10-12. You never know when and where you might need one. Some people advocate lethal forms of protection; however chances are you’ll end up using it on someone you know by mistake.
BE MINDFUL. Constantly be aware of where you are and your surroundings. Know that talking on a cell phone, listening to your MP3 player pushing a cart full of groceries, in a dark parking lot makes a great target for predators.
INSTINCTS. God gave them to you-use them and learn to listen to them and trust them.
Self defense is about awareness, prevention and protection. When you carry yourself confidently with your head up and a brusque walk you are sending a subliminal message of strength and confidence to any potential attackers. Listen to yourself,  trust your feelings and never be afraid to call for help if you need it. is dedicated to meeting your safety needs by assisting anyone who is unwilling to become a victim.  If you want to take personal responsibility for protecting yourself, your family and property arm yourself with our high quality discounted products and the knowledge about the best way to stay safe in an ever increasing violent world. In today’s society being equipped mentally and physically is no longer an option.


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