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February is Safety Awareness Month

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How safe is your home or and office from invasion by criminals? Do you feel secure when you go to work? How about your home computer system? Is it as safe as it can be?

Have your taken the necessary preventative or safety countermeasures to insure the safety of your house and family?  Let ‘s take a quiz

  1. Do you have enough smoke alarms installed in your house?
    1. When is the last time you tested the batteries?
    2. When is the last time you replaced the batteries?
  2. Are your house address numbers clearly visible to emergency response personnel from the street?   
    1. Do you have your name on your mailbox?  (you shouldn’t)
  3. Do you keep your ladders and tools in a locked garage or storage shed? When you go out in the evening do you leave several lights and the radio on inside your home?
  4. Do you have quality deadbolt locks on all of your exterior doors?
  5. Do you have a home inventory of all your personal property stored in a safe location or a fire-proof place?
  6. Are the windows and doors of your home clearly visible from the street or from your neighbor’s yard, and not obstructed by bushes?
  7.  Did you re-key all the locks in your house after you moved in?
  8. Are your entry doors made of steel, solid core wood (at least 1-3/4 inches) or metal wrapped wooden doors?
  9.  Do you have any additional door safety devices (Strike Master II, Door Club, door alarm, etc?)
  10. Does your community have a ‘Neighborhood Watch’ or similar program?
  11. Do you keep an extra set of keys with a trusted neighbor; in is a quality key hider, rather than putting it under the mat outside your home?
  12. Are your sliding glass doors secured with locks, jammed with a dowel rod from inside, and protected from being easily lifted out from their frames?
  13.  Do all of your entry doors have a peephole with a wide-angle viewer?
  14. When you are gone, do you have random timers on some of your lighting to turn the lights off and on to create the illusion that someone is home?
  15.  Can anyone gain access to your home through a mail slot, dryer vent, or pet entrance?
  16. Have you installed extra, motion-sensitive security lighting around your home?
  17. Do you shred or otherwise destroy your sensitive mail (financial statement, applications, etc) before discarding it?
  18. Do you have a home alarm system?
    1. Does this system have a cellular call system
  19. Do you have enough fire extinguishers in your house or car?
  20. Radon is a leading cause of lung cancer. Have you tested your house for radon since moving in?
  21. Do all of your electrical outlets have faceplates?
    1. If you have small children, are the outlets covered?
  22. Do you have emergency numbers easily accessible next to the phone, in case of an emergency?
  23. Does your family have a plan in case of fire, on an evacuation plan for disasters?
  24. Can you get to all your important papers just in case you have to leave in a hurry?
  25. Does you car have a functional spare tire and jack?

  How did you do? Are all these bases covered?  If not what is stopping you? is dedicated to meeting your safety needs by assisting anyone who is unwilling to become a victim.  If you want to take personal responsibility for protecting yourself, your family and property arm yourself with our high quality discounted products and the knowledge about the best way to stay safe in an ever increasing violent world. In today’s society being equipped mentally and physically is no longer an option.


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