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How to Defend Yourself on City Streets

Statistically 80-90% of all assaults on city streets are committed against women.  While not all domestic violence is committed against women, probably 98% of all incidents are.  The United States hails itself as a  – a “civilized” society, but has pockets that continues the uncivilized practices found in other countries where women are not treated will at all.

 Women are targets of crime and violence everywhere-city streets, college campuses, work place sexual exploitation, and at home. Women in particular have become targets when they travel in their cars, their hotel rooms, just about anywhere they go.
Literally nowhere is safe for many women. Whether you live in a large city or are just a tourist, it is vital to know how remain safe on the city streets. People who come from smaller towns may be caught off guard by the amount of crime and aggressive activity that is present in larger more populated cities, but by being well armed with the correct knowledge and tools will allow your to be safer wherever you go.

Be Mindful
The most important thing you can do when you are on city streets or anywhere else is to be mindful of your surroundings. Understand that criminals look for easy opportunities to assault an unsuspecting and unaware victim. A typical target will be a person who is clearly from out of town and may be intimidated by big city life.  They are too busy site-seeing or trying to find some place. Be careful where you go, and pay attention to everything and everyone around you. A criminal never wants to be seen before committing a crime, so if you walk with a sense of purpose with your head held high and survey everything, you will be a far less likely target.

When you are out at night, try to stay in areas that are brightly lit. Darker streets and alleys offer the perfect cover for an assailant to hide and catch you by surprise. Walk with friends anytime you can, because criminals are far less likely to approach a group than an individual. If you are alone, keep a brisk pace, keep your personal protection product in hand, get to where you are going and make your way inside. As you return to your vehicle, be prepared to get in right away. Lock the door and drive off quickly. You never know when a criminal may be nearby watching to see if you hesitate and give them an opportunity to assault you..

Guard Your Cash
In the city there are thousands of people around, so the odds of encountering a criminal becomes very high. They watch for potential victims at all times, and one of the things they look for is someone who is obviously carrying a large amount of money or valuable personal items.  Never carry your social security card or anything that can be used for identity theft in your purse. Never flash cash on a city street, as that will encourage a thief to target you.  Always pay attention at ATM’s. It’s a good idea to keep your money spread out,  well hidden and located in an areas that is difficult to get to. A pick pocket may be able to pull your wallet out of a back or jacket pocket, but will be far less likely to attempt to reach into a front pocket, which makes that an ideal location to store your money and credit cards. Be mindful of the crowds on public transportation. Some experts also recommend carrying a second wallet with just a small amounts or fake of money and invalid or fake credit cards. I personally like putting those Gospel Tracks that look like real money in mine. That way you have something to turn over if you are ever mugged.

 Women should carry their purses close to their bodies, but not with the shoulder strap placed securely around the neck. A purse snatcher may be determined to take what you have, and it can turn violent as they wrench the purse from you. It’s better to let a thief take your personal belongings than to risk being hurt. Carry as little cash as possible, and only one or two credit cards. Then if the purse is taken, your loss will not be too great.

 A Street Encounter
Although it’s always best to be polite, even to strangers, it is a good idea to be very wary of anyone you don’t know who approaches you. They may ask for directions, money or anything else. Answer quickly, and continue on your way. If they persist, tell them that you are unable to help and mention that a police officer would be better suited to provide assistance. You may find yourself being followed, and if so remain in a public area. Find a police station or security guard and explain your predicament.

Carrying a personal alarm or any other personal protection product such as a pepper spray is a great way to deter strangers who will not back down. Sounding the alarm will grab the attention of everyone around, and focus it on you. A criminal won’t want to be seen by witnesses, and will leave you alone.

 In Case Of Assault
When an attack is unavoidable, you must be prepared to fight back. Practice any self defense maneuvers you know and aim for pressure points on the assailant’s body. Adopting a self-defense program or a self-defensive attitude will enhance your self-confidence and power to fight back  If you have a self defense weapon like pepper spray or a stun gun, don’t be afraid to use it. Use anything you can get your hands on as a self defense weapon.  If the choice is you or them, choose you.  The device will protect you and leave no permanent damage on the aggressor. Act! Don’t hesitate!  Point! Shoot! Scream, scratch, bite, hit, attack or kick. Do all that you think is required to escape from the crime.

Anyone who has been hurt during a violent assault or rape while visiting the city should seek out immediate medical attention. Get to a hospital as quickly as possible, and make a full report with the police. is dedicated to meeting your safety needs by assisting anyone who is unwilling to become a victim.  If you want to take personal responsibility for protecting yourself, your family and property arm yourself with our products and the knowledge about the best way to stay safe in an ever increasing violent world. In today’s society being equipped mentally and physically is no longer an option.


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