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Warming up your Car may cost you?

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Police Departments in those areas experiencing this nice cold weather are warning citizens who turn on their car and leave it unattended to “warm it up” during the cold winter weather that they are putting themselves at unnecessary risk for auto theft.

If you think the problems of a little frost or ice seem big, what would your life be like if you car was stolen?

Home Owner Associations, neighborhood presidents, complex managers, residents and merchants, should stress this to all their members.

With the cold-snap we are predicted to have the next week or two, and through the winter months, many people will feel a need to “warm-up” their car in the mornings. Some do it to make it more comfortable for children or themselves; some to get the ice off the windshield; some just to make the car run right.  Allowing your car to warm up will  warm up, all the fluids in the vehicle, and improve fuel consumption, increases the life of the engine especially diesel models

We highly recommend against leaving a vehicle running unattended or unsecure, as this opens an opportunity for the car to be stolen, even in a “safe” neighborhood. On many city streets it is unlawful to do it for more than a few minutes, just for this reason.

But who is going to steal my car at 6am? Consider the middle school or high school  kids at the corner looking for kicks or the teen runaway looking for a way out, or any other number of scenarios, not to mention professional car thieves, who know that during cold weather people in nice neighborhoods “warm up” their cars.

If you still decide to pre-heat your vehicle out side of a garage (again, we discourage this), please remember that you need to also take steps to keep it from being stolen.

  • Lock the doors, keep visual observation
  • Use a CLUB, Portable Car Lock, or similar steering-wheel lock (separate the keys)
  • Block the vehicle in with another car.

People also often feel a need to leave the car running to keep the heater on when they’re “just running in for a second”. These include school and day-care drop-offs, delivering or picking up take-out food or dry-cleaning, convenience store stops, etc. Cars and things in cars are stolen this way constantly, occasionally with small children left inside.  Those living in Charleston, SC remember the mother that ran inside the post office for a few minutes and came back to find her baby missing.

Remember these tips

  • Park only in a well-lighted and a highly visible location
  • If you cannot see 100 feet at night, park elsewhere
  • Park in higher traffic areas of the lot, if possible
  • Remove all interior valuables (wallets.purses, cell phones, MP3 players, GPS  systems, babies etc) from plain view
  • Lock your doors and roll up all windows
  • Use a highly visible steering wheel or brake pedal locking device
  • Use a car alarm, anti theft devices, and alarm decals, if possible
  • Never leave your car running.

It this or filing a stolen vehicle report, and all the hassles of dealing with a stolen, and perhaps vandalized car. reminds you :If you want to take personal responsibility for protecting yourself, your family and property arm yourself with our products and the knowledge about the best way to stay safe in an ever increasing violent world. In today’s society being equipped mentally and physically is no longer an option.


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