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Coming face to face with an assailant

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Every day, every hour, every minute and every few seconds someone becomes a victim of crime. In the next two minutes there will be 2 robberies, almost 4 murders, 2 rapes,  8 burglaries, almost 4 auto thefts, 24 larceny crimes, 5  other violent crimes, 40 property crimes and almost 34 aggravated assaults. That is a potential 123 crime victims by time you’ve read this article. What would you do if you are suddenly found yourself in the moment of being a crime victim? What should you do? What should you not do? Did you ever think about having pepper spray or a stun gun?  If you have a personal protection product do you know how to you it?  Are your prepared? Have you even thought about it, or have you just gone along thinking that it won’t happen to me because I don’t live in the bad part of city?  That’s the same thought each of those 123 victims I mentioned above had before the event.

Sometimes what we do make us perfect targets. What are you wearing? Do you look rich?  How much “bling” are you sporting?  Are you bringing attention to yourself by the way you dress?  Are you going out alone? Are you not paying attention to your surroundings? Have you been shopping and have lots of bags from expensive stores?

 There are just a few things you should know when coming face to face with an assailant that has targeted you. Your goal is to live to be able to assist the law enforcement into bringing them to justice. Therefore it is very important that you keep your eyes and ears open, and your mouth closed. There is nothing to be gained by insulting your attacker, you don’t want to make them mad and cause them to do harm to you. I know of an incident of a young man in Greensboro, that had just lost his car, and was about to get evicted from his apartment and while he was walking to the store to get some cigarettes he was held up at gun point. Since he was having a bad day he verbally went off on the crook basically telling just how bad his day was going, and this was just icing on the cake so the crook left him alone.  He told me he thought the thug was going to shoot him, but he just didn’t care at that point. There is also another incident I’ve seen on the news where a frightened store clerk in Indianapolis was being robbed at gun point, she broke down and cried, so the robber spent 10 minutes praying with gave her a hug, took her cell phone and $20 and left the store. Don’t expect these things to happen to you. Most crooks only want to score, and what you think or feel really doesn’t matter to them.  Here are some tips to help you with your encounter should you become a target. If you every watched Doctor Who, you will recognize some of these methods used by the famous Time Lord with dealing with an evil armed opponent. 

  • Trust you instincts and follow those instincts– I can repeat this often enough. We all have internal alarm and warning systems; when your “spidey sense” goes off, trust it, and do what it tells you. You should also keep your mind focused and responding to the situation and not reacting.
  • Focus on the moment. – This is the same Jedi advice given to Obi –Wan Kenobi in one of the Star Wars Films. In such moments, our minds will be clouded with fear, doubt and uncertain possibilities.  Your worse enemy in these situations is not your assailant, but your own fear. Fear can paralyze you and keep you from thinking. Panic will cause you to panic, and prevents you from taking those opportune moments to act. You should be thinking on what you can do, not on what may happen to you. You should remain positive and be proactive to prevent further harm from happening to you. Don’t focus on any dread feeling or doubt, instead listen and follow directions, and watch escape opportunities. Be careful on what you say and how you say it. All situations, no matter how hopeless they may seem provide a window of opportunity for survival or escape. For example if they ask for your purse, toss it away from you, and while they are focusing on your purse, you can run. Find avenues to buy yourself time and be alert to that opportunity that will allow you to get away. This is also the best time to make mental notes about the suspect. What are their noticeable features? Remember to trust your instinct.
  • Review the circumstances in your mind – As the event plays out you need to assess all your options quickly, to ensure your response will be the one to allow you to safely escape. Sometimes asking them what time it is, throws them off and gives you an opportunity to do something. Remember to trust your instinct.
  • Act, do not react. – This goes hand-in-hand with being proactive and taking the initiative by being in control of the situation and not the criminal. Be mindful to expect the unexpected by being aware and prepared. Remember those instincts.
  • Your number one priority is you – Self defense is your number one priority, even if the thug gets away. Give them any of the possessions that they want. Possessions can be replaced, you can’t.  Once they are not paying attention to you, leave quickly or if you are carrying some type of personal protection product like  pepper spray and have the opportunity to use it then use it. Remember those instincts.

  • Diffuse with words rather than inflate with action. – This is not the time to practice those self defense moves you saw in a movie. Unless you have been well trained in the arts of self defense, have has lots of practice, have the necessary skills and are reasonably that you can take out your assailant with physical self defense without getting hurt by the attempt. Then don’t try it. This is one of the reasons we stress practicing self defense techniques early and often so that you will know what to do when the time arrives. If you try to do something you are not equipped to do you may really get hurt. The only exception to this rule is if it is you vs. them and you know they are going to hurt you then do what you have to do. Now, this is also not the time to verbally attack your assailant either. Try to diffuse the situation with calm words not insults that may make them angry and lash out at you. Here are some pointers
    •  What your tone of voice and the words you use.
    • Stress that you are not going to cause problems
    • Pay attention and don’t speak unless you are asked a question, don’t volunteer information.  If they ask where you cask is, don’t tell them about your other valuables.
    • Don’t say things like “I’ll do whatever you want.” This could get your raped.  Saying things like “I not going to give you any problems” is acceptable.
    • Don’t take down to these people or think your assisting them.
    • Stay alert and focused at all times.
  • Follow you training – if you have been training to defend yourself, and you really should, then follow your training when the opportunity permits. If you have never trained or practiced then don’t do anything stupid.


You should take the opportunity to train you body and mind so that you’ll be prepared should an unwanted criminal event happen and you have given yourself the chance top survive coming face to face with an assailant.


By Victor Swindell, owner of, a division of Swindell Enterprises. is dedicated to assist those people who are unwilling to become a victim and are taking responsibility to protect themselves, their cars, or their possessions .In today’s society being equipped mentally and physically is no longer an option.


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