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Three things you can to help make you safer


Are you prepared?

Almost all Law enforcement agencies throughout this country, and in many other parts of the planet, use a wide array of personal protection products like stun guns, stun batons, pepper sprays, tear gas, batons, and tasers.  With these devices police officers, corrections officers, private security personnel, and even military personnel have a safer technology to resolve use-of-force encounters with minimal risks to themselves.

WHY? It is easy to explain-THEY WORK. Personal protection products provide another alternative to deadly force. As such they save lives. You can’t recall one incident where some one killed their little sister when they found their mom’s pepper spray. But how many children have been killed because of irresponsible parents leave an easily accessible loaded gun where someone other than them can get a hold of it.


Are you prepared to encounter a criminal today?  With everything that is happening in our society today, chances are that you may become the next victim of a crime!  The law enforcement community will tell you that crime can happen to anyone, anyplace and anytime.  It can happen at your workplace. It can happen when you are at the ATM.  It can on your college campus or campus residence. It may happen when you are out walking, out jogging or out shopping.  It can happen when you are sitting in your car. It could even happen when you are out on a date or at a party.  It can even happen in the security of your own home.  Recently, more crimes are occurring in what should be the safest place of all – – in houses of worship.

But EVERY woman is a potential target of these assailants. Did you know that in this country one forcible rape happens every 5.8 minutes. It is also reported by the FBI that an assault occurs every 29 seconds. Statistics show that 1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. Most sexual assaults can be avoided by using some common sense and being armed with knowledge of what to avoid and armed with some non lethal personal protection products.

According to the Department of Justice about 17% of women can expect to be raped in their lifetime. In 2004, there were 1 rape/sexual assault, 2 assaults with injury and 2 robberies for every 1000 people. One in five chances you are next.  Every two and a half minutes a women is sexually assaulted in the US. Most go unreported due to embarrassment, shock, or fear. However many women are under the delusion of ” It won’t happen to me”.  It is sad that most women give very little or no thought to how they would defend themselves against an attacker.

When you stop to think about how often an assault, sexual assault or rape occurs the statistics are astounding and frightening.


Who do you know that could use a personal protection product to defend yourself in the event of an attack? Your wife, girlfriend, daughter, aunt, a co-worker, a neighbor or perhaps YOU?

The fact is almost everyone on this list could use some help.

Walkers, runners, joggers, workers or anyone who else loves to be or even is required to be outdoors many need it. You place yourself as a potential target just because of what you do.

 Shift workers, real estate agents, Exotic Dancers, locksmiths, repo agents, Taxi Drivers, fugitive recovery agents, or anyone else that might work unusual hours and leave themselves exposed to danger because of their work.

 Anyone who does offsite banking for their business, day and night managers, OTR drivers, delivery drivers, and anyone who drives for a living are all at elevated risk.

 Education professionals, Business Professionals, medical professionals, real estate pros, entrepreneurs, stay at home moms, single working women, college students, all have higher than average risk because of their jobs and who they are-women.

 Not everyone needs a personal protection product. Only those who work or are retired; only those who own their own business or work for someone else; only those who rent or those who own their own home; only those who are single or those who are married need them.

 Everyone else is probably safe…right.

 Let me reiterate my opening point, crime happens any place and any where: assaults, robbery, rape, and theft all spell trouble for law abiding citizens. With the increasing presence of gangs crime, drug crimes, immigration problems, and bad economic conditions, it is bound to continue to grow.

 Police departments’ resources are stretched beyond capacity anyhow but with budget cutbacks thrown into the mix it just makes it worse. Police response times are constantly on the rise, especially in small towns.

 Individuals must assume more responsibility for their own safety and security by doing at least the following three things:

 HAVE THE RIGHT TOOLS. By this I mean choose one or more personal protection products to help in your own defense and that of your family. It can be pepper sprays, stun guns, personal alarms, tasers-whatever- but get some! There are many choices out there. Pick one you feel most comfortable with. Do your research? Ask questions? Everyone claims to have the best, but it’s your life on the line. Then learn how to use them.

 GET SOME SELF DEFENSE TRAINING. If you have a car but don’t know how to use it, what good will it do you when you need it? Purchasing a personal protection product is a great start but when combined with even a basic amount of self defense training it is a fabulous combination that really builds your confidence.  In fact training is required in most states for those who get a TASER, and definitely a must of those who prefer firearms.

 For many it is impractical and too time consuming to go to classes. Enter the self defense DVD that allows you to learn in the comfort of your own home at your own pace from world class instructors. Additionally, you may even use useful self defense web sites.

 PRACTICE and then  PRACTICE and then  PRACTICE. All the tools and training in the world are not worth much if you don’t hone your skills. Get a friend and practice using your self defense training, practice using your pepper spray or stun gun.  (don’t actually spray or stun them please). If you have any old pepper spray, practice with that. Actually firing it, to see how it works, or perhaps order two, one for practice, and one of just in case.

 Practice in different emergency scenarios so that when and if the time comes you REACT instinctively instead of wondering what to do.  Many on-line sites include some of theses. These can be, walking back to class late night, getting out your car, going to your car, putting packages in your car, getting packages out of your car, opening you door, putting your child in the child seat, walking to some place.

 If you do these three things you will have done more than most people, who will likely become the next crime victims, and you have taken steps to build your confidence in yourself and your actual ability to defend your self and your family.

By Victor Swindell, owner of, a division of Swindell Enterprises. is dedicated to assist those people who are unwilling to become a victim and are taking responsibility to protect themselves, their cars, or their possessions .In today’s society being equipped mentally and physically is no longer an option.


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