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DEFENSE TIPS FOR WOMEN: Tip #1 – be aware of your surroundings

Be mindful

Be mindful

Everyday, people all over the world take unnecessary risks with their safety. The majority of the time, their mind set is that, “nothing is going to happen to me.”

Sadly, all too often these women find out differently.


Areas often over looked as hazardous areas are:

  • Vary your Routines – Try not to set them. It is very easy to get into this typical routine. Take the kids to school by 8 AM and drop by the post office by 8:15 Stop by the nursing home to see grandma at 9 and then come home to feed and take care of animals. These routines are very easy for an assailant to observe and anticipate and plan their attack.
  • Beware of Laundry mats – A surprising number of women will go late night and alone, to these places. Their reasons are often that is when they are quieter, cooler or even just a time to escape from the kids at home. These places are becoming more automated. No employee or security is on the premises.
  • Look for Signs of entry – When it is obvious that there has been someone in your home, or office, STOP! TURN AROUND! LEAVE! Call from somewhere else. Curiosity may have killed the cat; the satisfaction of finding an assailant inside will not bring you back.
  • Beware Public restrooms – It is a common misconception that men are the only ones to sexually assault, rob, or commit murder. This is false. Not only do women do these things, they often work as a decoy for a male in hiding.
  • Beware of Paneled van – The old fashioned, high walled vans are dangerous. It only takes a split second for an assailant to open the cargo door and pull someone in. Be cautious anytime one is parked next to your vehicle.
  • Beware of High vehicles – A common ploy is for an assailant to lie beneath one of these and wait for a victim to stand still while opening their car door. At this time a knife is used to cut the tendons and muscles in the area behind the ankles causing the victim to drop to the ground and be unable to regain their feet to run. It might feel silly to check under the car next to yours but silly beats dead any day.
  • Be caution of focusing on your Children and car seats – Check out your surroundings before reaching inside with your child. Imagine for a moment how vulnerable a person is when their hands are full of baby with three quarters of the body, leaned over and restricted inside the car. This information also applies with dealing with putting packages in your car.
  • Being Alone in your Office/home – NEVER admit to being the only one in. Think how alone the phrase, “I’m sorry, they won’t be back until 2:30” sounds. If your office isn’t equipped with an alarm or even simple pepper spray, speak to your employer. Remember, there is nothing in the office that is worth losing your life over. If it is a robbery, give them the money and send them on their way. If the assailant is interested in more than robbery, keep your head and look for possible weapons around you. Things such as pencils, scissors, telephones, potted plants, and anything else you can get a hold of.
  • Safety Jogging trails – Joggers are great at setting routines. They also enjoy the cooler evening and night temperatures. Add to that, headphones and music that dulls the senses. Whenever possible, take the dog, a stick, a stun gun  recruit a friend or put a leash on the spouse and drag them off the couch. Don’t go jogging alone in secluded areas. When you do go, try to keep one of the personal alarms with you. Even things like a rolled up newspaper, can make an effective weapon. Recently a woman in Florida was attacked and killed on a jogging trail.
  • Listen to your Sixth sense – LISTEN TO YOUR INNER VOICE! If there is a nagging thought of not entering a house, garage, or building, don’t do it. If something tells you to look around, walk faster or even run, then listen to it. There is usually a reason. Is it not better for strangers to wonder if you’re “odd” than to end up in a ditch?

 While self defense teachers advocate that women carry some type of personal protection products such as pepper spray and stun guns, nothing on earth can beat common sense and being mindful of your surroundings.


By Victor Swindell, owner of, a division of Swindell Enterprises. is dedicated to assist those people who are unwilling to become a victim and are taking responsibility to protect themselves, their cars, or their possessions .In today’s society being equipped mentally and physically is no longer an option.


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