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Summertime and Summer Crime


Summer, summer, summertime
Time to sit back and unwind
School is out and it’s a sort of a buzz
A back then I didn’t really know what it was
But now I see what have of this
The way that people respond to summer madness

Summer is almost here and soon school will soon be out, and families will be going on vacations and then things will become interesting.  If you’ve been following my blog on preventing home break-in and you’ve been doing something to make yourself less a target then you’re ahead of the game.

However, while you are planning your vacation, criminals and bored teens are preparing to go to work in your neighborhood.

According to the FBI crime statistics the crime rates increase between six and sixteen percent, depending on the crime, during the summer. So what makes these months so different from the rest of the year for criminals?  The FBI reports that all crimes rise about 10% during these months, with murder raising about 16% and rape and other violent crimes increase by about 13%. In other words, almost all crimes increase during June, July, and August.  These crimes include home break-ins, vandalism, and robberies!

The not so nice and bored school kids and young adults s get into more trouble with drugs and alcohol, as well as become involved with more incidents of theft and assault. There are many factors that contribute to this.  Summer break means that schools are out and kids have nothing constructive to do. We are no longer the agriculture society we used to be where the youth would work on farms.  There aren’t many vacant neighborhood lots for kids to play ball.  For those that live in the city, the odd factory jobs went overseas with the factories. Others believe that the hot days of summer makes some people get agitated more easily and over-react.

Tourists are not the only ones becoming victims, but residents like you as well. The heat, the excitement, and perhaps the view of young girls and guys cause some people to forget about common sense safety and precautions such as locking doors and windows of homes and cars. While vacationers have a one-track mind of the beach, criminals have a one-track mind of getting into your house or getting your money.

 So what can you do to protect yourself and your family?  Here are a few tips.

To protect young people (from themselves):

  • TALK TO THEM – just telling your kids what is right and wrong, and about choices and consequences can go a long way.
  • Have your children observe the curfew hours (if any) or you should set times for them to be home. In my day you had to be in the house before sundown
  • Work with other parents to watch the children in your neighborhood.
  • Work with your neighbors to watch each other’s houses. Come outside every once in a while and take notice…even at night.

To prevent bicycle theft:

  • Be sure to secure or lock your bicycle to a stationary object like a tree. The best locking device is a hardened steel u-shaped lock. (It’s best to avoid locks, chains or cables that can easily be cut or broken.)
  • Make sure both wheels are locked and remove any accessories that can easily be removed.
  • You can Opt to remove the front tire (if it’s easy to do), to make the bike less attractive

To prevent lawn mower theft:

  • Keep the lawn mower in a locked garage or shed. (chained if you have to)

 Yard security:

  • Read my previous blogs on Home invasions (for additional information)
  • If you’re working in the front yard, lock the back door and garage. If you’re working in the backyard, lock the front door and garage. (yes you can get robbed even when you are home)
  •  Having a solid fence can prevent neighbors from watching out for each other. Consider chain link or picket type fencing.
    • If you must have a solid fence. Get a Dog (or Dog sign)
  •  Residential lighting should be used to light up home entry points. Motion detector lights are an inexpensive deterrent for areas where continuous lighting is unnecessary.
  • Perimeter alarms can be used to let you know that someone has entered your yard.
  • Security System signs are a great deterrent..they reduce your chances of being a victim.

Other things

  • Join your neighborhood watch program and inform your neighbors when you are leaving town and when you are coming back. Ask them to collect your mail and newspapers or have the postal service hold your mail until you return. Old newspapers and piled up mail in the mailbox is the number one sign for burglars that no one is home.
  • If you live in an HOA, consider setting up a PRIVATE facebook page, or use a site like NextDoor – and share information about strange going-ons.
  • You can also contact the local police department and let them know you are leaving, and ask for them to keep an eye out around your house.
  • Make sure all of your house doors and windows are locked before leaving and double-check them.
  • When you’re parked on vacation or just at the grocery store, roll your car windows all the way up and lock your doors. DOUBLE CHECK!
  • Don’t have your valuables visible. Lock your cell phones, G-P-S systems, etc in your glove compartment or truck
  • If your out and about as a tourist in a strange town have your pepper spray.

Take the time to learn what you need to know to help protect yourself, your family and your valuables!

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  1. […] are away on vacation. It also happens a lot in the summer time the home owners are away at work. (See Summer Time, Summer Crime)  Sadly, most people only think about making their homes secure after a burglary has occurred. […]


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  2. Plasma TV taken from home

    A homeowner reported his home was burglarized and that his 50-inch plasma television was taken.

    According to a Summerville (SC) Police Department incident report, the man arrived home the afternoon of June 5 and found his back glass door had been shattered and his house had been rummaged through.

    The man conducted an inventory of his home and said he believed the television, valued at $1,599, was the only item taken.

    Damage to the back door was estimated at $150.


    Comment by peppereyes — 24/06/2009 @ 12:01 PM

  3. Woman says home vandalized

    A Summerville woman returned from work to find the outside of her home in disarray.

    On June 5, a homeowner found two planks had been pulled from her privacy fence and three decorative lights on the porch were broken, according to the Summerville (SC) Police Department incident report.

    In addition, three ceramic plant containers were tipped over and broken.

    The homeowner, who said she had no idea who was responsible, reported the total damage at about $200.


    Comment by peppereyes — 24/06/2009 @ 12:02 PM

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