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Flordia Woman catches burglars on Webcam

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PnP IP Camera w/Motion Detector

PnP IP Camera w/Motion Detector

I saw this news story on the Today Show, and thought I could tie it in to my Home Invasion Series.  The Next installment is going to be on Camera (exterior), but I could not pass this one up.

  Authorities say Jeanne Thomas’s  of  Boynton Beach was checking her video surveillance system from the Internet while she was at work caught four people robbing her house.

 In October, burglars stole thousands of dollars in jewelry and rare coins from Jeanne Thomas’s home. Then, other things began to disappear. The crock pot. The ice cream maker.


So, Thomas bought a video surveillance system to monitor her Boynton Beach home. She could even check on her house while at work using a live video feed over the Internet.


Her husband, Tony, thought she was nuts for spending $250 on the Wilife system, telling her she would never catch anyone. Initially he was right.


Police say Jeanne Thomas logged on to the $250 Wilife system Wednesday morning and saw a person standing in her house. She quickly called 911. While talking to the operator, Thomas saw several other people. She pleaded with the dispatcher to send police, and 18 officers arrived and surrounded the house several minutes later.


Officers arrested Curtis Williams, Scott George, Jonathan Cruz, all 20, and 19-year-old Steven Morales. They were charged with burglary and attempted grand theft.

Thomas said she had known Cruz, a neighbor, since he was 8 years old.


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