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HOME INVASIONS – Part 2 – Defensive strategies (ii)

070906_home_invasion_house1The goal of a residential security system is to detect an intruder as early as possible, alert the home’s occupants to his presence, and scare him away before he does any harm. Progressive layers of protection accomplish this goal. Imagine four concentric circles around your house, with your family and your most valuable possessions at the center. The interior of your home is the second layer, the exterior shell of your home is the third, and the property around your home is the fourth.  In this  article series , we are going to provide various recommendations for the outer layers.

  • One of the best defensive strategies against crime is to be mindful of your of your surroundings by maintaining a high level of alertness, especially when we arrive home or depart from home. If you notice any suspicious person or vehicles near your home, drive on and call police or security. Beware of repairmen, delivery personnel or general workers in the proximity of your home. When you are inside your home, it is also necessary to remain vigilant, e.g., arm the perimeter alarm, check doors and windows and listen to unusual noises.
  • Your domestic staff and children need to be educated to look out for suspicious people loitering around the neighborhood and report them to the police. They should have the telephone number of the police and security put in a visible place for an emergency, be told not to pass out information on their employers/parents and not to allow strangers on the property without permission.  Recently, subdivision are using Social Media sites like Facebook to create groups to communicate their neighbors about happenings in your neighborhood.
  • When you are not going to be home, lower the volume of your telephone’s ring so it can’t be heard outside your house. (An unanswered phone tells a burglar casing your house that no one’s home.)
  • Women living alone should place their first and middle initials and last names on the mailbox, rather than their full names or “MISS,” “MS.” OR “MRS.”    
  • Dogs can be a deterrent provided that they are adequately trained to raise the 88872595v13_350x350_frontalarm. Small dogs kept inside the house, especially at night, can act as an early warning system against potential intruders. Many burglars say they are least likely to case a home that has a dog.   Even if you don’t have a dog you should probably purchase an “Beware of dog” and place the sign at strategic places.


In our next series we will discuss the Pro and Cons of Home Alarm Systems and the different types available.

By Victor Swindell, owner of, a division of Swindell Enterprises. is dedicated to assist those people who are unwilling to become a victim and are taking responsibility to protect themselves, their cars, or their possessions with our pepper spray, stun guns, and other personal protection products.



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