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HOME INVASIONS – Part 1 – What you should know.

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 Home Break-in

Most people think of their homes as a safe fortress or haven where they feel protected from the dangers of the ‘outside’ world. Sadly, a growing criminal population and the nightly news have revealed that this is often not the case.  In the United States along more than 6 million homes are broken into each year. This often happens when the home owners are away on vacation. It also happens a lot in the summer time the home owners are away at work. The perpetrator may be school kids or drug addicts looking to get some stuff to sell.  Sadly, most people only think about making their homes secure after a burglary has occurred. Perhaps after reading this series you’ll be proactive in this approach. According to crime reports compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation one out of every six homes will be burglarized this year. It has been stated that burglars only need 60 seconds to break into most homes. The easiest way for a criminal to get into your house is just to kick-in your door! The FBI says every 12 seconds a home is invaded by going right through the front or back door. FBI statistics claim that only one out of every four burglaries involve forced entry. Most burglars enter homes through an open or unlocked window or door. By making it more difficult for intruders to get into your residence, you can greatly reduce your chances of being robbed. The more a burglar has to work to get into your home, the less chance you have of becoming his victim.

This Home invasion series will provide you with the knowledge and resources to reduce your chances of being the next victim of a sudden criminal home break-in and robbery by the criminal element.

Crime just doesn’t happen to other people

The external threat to your home comes mainly from robbers looking to take what you’ve worked hard to obtain. Robbers with intent to commit a violent crime once inside and house robberies can be a very traumatic experience leading to serious financial losses and much psychological and physical suffering of the victims. During a home invasion, as often experienced in high crime areas, there are multiple victimization in a single incident. As an example, criminals often discovered during the act of burglary by the residents of the house, may change into violent criminals and end up committing more serious types of crime, e.g., malicious damage to property, assault, rape and even murder.  Crimes like these are occurring almost every moment of every day.  According to the FBI Crime Clock One Property Crime happens every 3 seconds. One Violent Crime happens every 22 seconds. One Larceny Theft happens every 5 seconds.  One Auto Theft happens every 27 seconds. One Burglary every 15 happens every seconds. One Murder happens every 34 minutes. One Robbery happens every 1 minute, and one Rape happens every 6 minutes.

Here are some other facts about burglaries

  • Burglary accounted for 22.1 percent of the estimated number of property crimes committed in 2007.
  • Of all burglaries, 61.1 percent involved forcible entry, 32.4 percent were unlawful entries (without force), and the remainder (6.5 percent) were forcible entry attempts.
  • In 2007, burglary offenses cost victims an estimated $4.3 billion in lost property; overall, the average dollar loss per burglary offense was $1,991.
  • Burglary of residential properties accounted for 67.9 percent of all burglary offenses.
  • Offenses for which time of occurrence was known showed that 57.4 percent of burglaries took place during the day and 42.6 percent at night.
  • Offenses for which time of occurrence was known showed that more residential burglaries (63.6 percent) occurred during the daytime while 56.4 percent of nonresidential burglaries occurred during nighttime hours.


Attacks against our homes and families can be conducted by three different types of burglars

  • The Amateur burglar – are opportunists and look for easy targets. They take chances, but if the risk of detection is too high, they will not attempt to enter a home. These are opportunists who break in on impulse and steal low-risk items, such as petty-cash boxes and jewelry, according to the Burglary Prevention Council. These thieves make up about seventy percent of the group.
  • The Semi-professional burglar – know that the key to success is planning. They usually scout a neighborhood, ‘casing’ a residence and waiting for the right moment to strike. Often they study the pattern of the people in the neighborhood, and waiting for you to go on vacation. The semi-professional burglar makes up about 28 percent of this group.
  • The Professional burglar – spend sufficient time planning and strategizing and focus high-end homes with an emphasis on extremely valuable items, such as money, jewelery, cars and weapons. These make up the remaining two percent of the group.


The ten items robbers are usually after are TVs, computers (especially laptops) and printers, DVD players and DVDs, stereo equipment, weapons, jewelry and watches, tools, cameras, credit cards and sports equipment, such as golf clubs. It’s usually anything that can grab and carry in the five to ten minutes it will take before the police arrive.

During some home break-ins it is not uncommon for home-owners to be violently victimized during  the crime. In many documented instances, members of the family been assaulted, tortured, raped or killed.

But your house doesn’t have to be one of any of these statistics. Many experts, such as the FBI, and your local police say there’s plenty you can do to make it tougher for burglars to make off with your possessions.


In our next article will be outline some steps you can take to reduce your chances of being a threat.

By Victor Swindell, owner of, a division of Swindell Enterprises. is dedicated to assist those people who are unwilling to become a victim and are taking responsibility to protect themselves, their cars, or their possessions with our pepper spray, stun guns, and other personal protection products.

Don’t  be their next victim



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