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How Long Will My Pepper Spray Last?

Most pepper sprays have an expiration date stamped on the canister, usually 2 to 4 years from the time of manufacture. Although the spray life is indefinite it does start to lose potency over time. Any use of the spray beyond the expiration date is highly unadvisable. We strongly suggest that you to replace your pepper spray long before the expiration date! Pick a date like your even birthdays. That way you are always assured of the potency of the spray. Take your old one to a safe place and target practice with it. Become familiar with how far it will spray, how to unlock it, etc. When practicing with your defensive spray, be aware of air movements and wind patterns and be very careful not to contaminate yourself.

General Recommendations
Some People usually recommend that you change your pepper spray every year or two. However, we have had canisters that lasted for four that have still been potent.
Most Pepper spray containers are designed for a one time use. Think of this , if you HAVE to use your spray, be sure you use ALL OF IT on the attacker. There should not be any holding back…if he continues to approach you should be hosing and hosing him. Force him to come through the fog of the spray in order to get you. Use the spray like a chemical shield which allows you the chance to escape.

The fact that the key chain sized units are a trade off on size vs. capacity, I would definitely consider it a one-time use.

Remember This
1. Treat your spray as a life-saving tool. Every couple of years, spend a few bucks with a friend and replace your canisters.

2. If you have to use your spray, don’t be stingy — continue to spray the guy until your canister is empty. There is little use in trying to save it for another time.

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