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Tragedy of an Ohio Home Invasion

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Man Arrested in Murder of Ohio Mom
Tuesday January 6, 2009

Police have detained a 22-year-old Columbus, Ohio man in connection with the home invasion robbery and murder of a Dayton woman and the abduction of her 4-year-old son. Charlie W. Myers, who lives near Ohio State University, has been charged with aggravated murder. The 4-year-old was abandoned at an Interstate 70 rest stop and led police to his dead mother.

Myers was one of three people police removed from a University District house in connection with the investigation into the death of Jennifer Nelson. The house was searched after a car stolen from the Nelson home was found at a flea market parking lot in Columbus.
Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer said at a press conference that Myers confessed to being involved in the case, but he would give no details.

Home Invasion Robbery
A Maryland couple found William Nelson, 4, Friday night at a rest stop near Dayton. The boy told them a stranger barged into his home, killed his mother and left him at the rest area. Dead is 29-year-old Jennifer Nelson (pictured), a stay-at-home mom, who was found, shot to death in her Harrison Township home near Dayton. Jennifer Nelson’s car was stolen in December when she and her husband Eddie attended a concert on the Ohio State University campus. That car was found near her home after she was found shot. Her mother’s Oldsmobile was stolen at the time of the robbery. That car was found in Columbus in the Westland Flea Market parking lot. The flea market is located on the west side of Columbus, about nine miles from the McMillen Avenue house where Myers was arrested.

It’s no secret that crime is increasing every year and is invading what once were considered “safe communities.” FBI report shows, crime is on the rise. Criminals are looking for any opportunity you can give them to get what they want it just might cost you your life. Crime against property occurs on the average of 20 times a minute with an estimated $1,000 loss for each occurrence. Burglary is a crime of opportunity where entry is gained due to the carelessness of homeowners. – Personal Protection Devices doesn’t want you to become their next victim. There are a few things you can do to make you home more secure to reduce the chance to be the victim of a home break in.

Single family homes are twice as likely to be burglarized as apartments. While receiving a lot of publicity when it happens, hotels and motels account for less than 3% of all burglaries. The most likely things to be stolen in a burglary are cash, small electronic equipment, home computers, cameras, jewelry, furs, tools and hand guns.


  • Have you arranged to have member of a law enforcement agency do a professional survey?
  • Are all trees and shrubs pruned and well maintained to prevent anyone from hiding unseen?
  • Do any trees, down pipes, lattice work provide easy access to upper floors?
  • If you have skylights can they be removed from the outside or easily broken?
  • Any ladders, tools kept outside assisting any potential intruder?
  • Are you guilty of keeping a hidden house key outside the house where it’s sure to be found? Try a Good Key Hider.
  • Is your home well lighted with particular attention to exterior doors?
  • Can your main entrance be seen from the street?
  • Are exterior doors at least 1-3/4 inch thick and made from solid wood or reinforced with metal? Try a Strike Master II or a similar device.
  • Do all exterior doors have heavy duty dead bolts and reinforced door jams?
  • Can anyone gain easy access through a mail slot, dryer vent, or pet entrance?
  • If doors have glass panels can someone break through and defeat the locking mechanism?
  • Have all sliding glass doors been protected from being easily lifted out from their frames?
  • Are all exterior lights and security devices in good working order and protected from breakage?
  • Does the door from the attached garage leading to the house have a dead bolt?
  • Does you garage door have an inside lock on the garge door lock?
  • Does your overhead door have a working electronic door opener?
  • Does your overhead door have any loose, broken or missing door panels or hardware?
  • Do you keep the overhead doors closed, and your car locked inside the garage?
  • Do all windows have reinforced locking devices that can be secured in the open position?
  • Do all screens and storm windows have reinforced locks?
  • Do ground level windows have guards or grates?
  • Are basement windows glass block or protected by grates or security devices?
  • All irreplaceable items kept in high quality fire resistant safe or in off-site safety deposit box?
  • Do you do a recently home inventory?
  • Do you have a complete and current video tape or pictures of all your valuables off-site?
  • Are all firearms kept secured and apart from ammunition?
  • If you can’t afford a Security System you can get signs to make the would be criminal think twice. Even the Beware of Dog sign gives them pause.

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