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It’s sad but true that nowadays it seems that the criminals have more rights than the victim. You mother, grand mother or sister can do time in prison for protecting herself from a would-be rapist who breaks into her home or apartment and even makes it all the way into her bedroom! She can be sued by the perpetrator if he survives or sued by the perpetrator’s family if he dies. The distressing part is that, in many cases, she will lose and go to the jail or pay compensation for protecting herself or her home

A great number of private citizens are turning to non lethal self defense products as effective interventions that can stop a crime in the making without killing the bad guy. Stun guns, pepper spray, personal Alarms are examples of products for which the private citizen does not need a license to carry, in most states. While restrictions apply in roughly 8 states and several municipalities, as well as airports, schools, hospitals, etc., non lethal self defense products are allowed in most areas in the United States.

Stun guns are effective for several reasons.
1. Stun guns come in a huge range of sizes. They can be a real big surprise to would-be perpetrators. One little model can deliver a million volts of stopping power even though it is a little smaller than a cell phone.

2. Stun guns are now available in an incredibly broad price range. This means that virtually anyone can purchase peace of mind in whatever price point the budget will bear.

3. Another surprise is that some serious stopping power can be had for a very reasonable price. The natural result is that protection is not only a good idea, but it is also doable for the average citizen.

4. Stun guns come in an amazing array of sizes, shapes, and colors! While the vast majority of them are standard issue black, some models are also available in pink, red, silver, animal prints, and even camouflage. That means safety can also be fashionable. There are some that look like lip gloss, some that look like pens, and some that look like cell phones.

5. Choosing a non lethal self defense product tends to alleviate the fear of legal reprisals which are so often the case when firearms are used, even in self defense. The American legal system can no longer be counted on to convict the guilty and protect the victims of violent crime.

What’s the best solution? Don’t be their next victim. Protect yourself to the best of your ability while minimizing the likelihood of harm to yourself, your family, your property, and your financial statement. – Personal Protection Devices
“Don’t be their next victim”


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