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Economy Down and Crime is Up

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Many of you may have felt the same thing too in the back of your minds after seeing the evening news? First you hear about the bad economy and bail out this and bail out that. You hear about everything being down during the Christmas season, except crime. Rapes, robberies, thefts and murders all seem to be thriving. In the article from USA today for 2002 they seem to confirm this. However, other sources can show that the two don’t go hand in hand. However, human nature clearly will show that when some people get desperate, and afraid they will sink to people of low character. Who is going to protect you from them? After all if cities are struggling then they can’t hire more cops can they. This is why it is important now more than every that you take the steps to help keep you and your family safe. Does your home have an alarm system or perhaps a camera system? Are you cautious of your surrounding when you go out shopping or stop by the ATM to get cash? What would happen if you were suddenly approached by strangers? Is your pepper spray, stun gun, or personal Alarm ready for use?

Don’t become their Next victim


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