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Pregnant woman assaulted in Ottawa home invasion

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A pregnant woman was punched and hit in the face with a shotgun butt during a violent home invasion by five masked men in Ottawa’s west end early Monday, police said.
The 18-year-old woman received minor injuries during the attack at a home on Poulin Avenue in the Britannia neighbourhood shortly after midnight, said an Ottawa police news release.
“It seemed to be some kind of an organized attack,” said Staff Sgt. Don Sweet. “Whether it’s gang related, that’s too early to determine.”

The five men were allegedly armed with shotguns and a handgun. They entered the home through an unlocked screen door at the back of the home and demanded money from the family.
The woman and her boyfriend who lived in the home and did not want to be identified told CBC News that they refused to hand over their money because they were saving it for their baby.

The men left the home with about $25.

Police are looking for five men in their late teens or early 20s of Middle Eastern descent, at least some of whom speak English with a foreign accent.

The home invasion has shaken local residents in the neighbourhood. It took place just a short distance from the bike path where the body of 39-year-old Pamela Kosmack was found in June.

Neighbours exercising caution
Maureen Conlin, who lives in a neighbouring apartment building, said she has been checking the doors of the building each night to make sure they are locked.

She said lately “there’s been nothing but problems” with crime in the public housing complex where she lives and the surrounding neighbourhood.

“You keep wanting to let the councillors know and the city or whatever, and they don’t really do anything about it,” she said, “like they don’t seem to have a concern for the tenants around here.”
Cliff Richards, who had been in a car driving nearby shortly after the home invasion, said police did seem to be taking that incident seriously.

Police pulled over a car carrying Richards and his young friends, pointed a gun at them and handcuffed them after mistaking them for suspects in the attack.
But Richards said he wasn’t upset about the situation.

“With the stuff that’s been going down in the neighbourhood right now, they were just protecting themselves,” he said. “It’s understandable.” provides you with the knowledge and tools such as Pepper Spray , Stun Guns or Home Alarms to help keep you safe


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